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Naanmugan Thirubandhaadhi-3 -Sivan is the witness for my paying obeisance to YOU

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Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 00:03:16 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Let us dive again into the blissful happiness of another ten pAsurams 
from Thirumazhisaivandha jOthi's Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi. 

21. In this pAsuram, AzhwAr enjoys the exquisite beauty of Sri 
Narasimhan. Oh! Is this big huge vast mouth, like a cave that exhales 
flakes of fire? Oh Are they the eyes of balls of fiery sticks ("koLLi 
kattai" in Tamil)? The ThirumEni (Divine Divya mangaLa body) is like one 
whole of fire writhing with rage. Oh Is this the lovely enchanting 
Beauty of Narasinga mUrthy- The Chief of NithyasUris? 

22. AzhwAr advises us in this pAsuram. He, the One who is the Cause and 
the Creator of the Universe, is the residence of all seven lOkams, of 
all guNas; He is the small baby child (on Banyan leaf) who had the whole 
universe in His stomach and protected the same during PraLayam (Cosmic 
cycle); He is the One who appeared as "Fish" (Matsyam); then took the 
terrifying huge form of Narasinghan, the Only Protector and Savior of 
all beings (jIvAtmAs). He is the One who is also the Personification and 
epitome of Divine Splendor and Beauty. Hold and pay obeisance to the 
Lotus Feet of this ParamAthmA- MahAPurushan, Emperumaan Sriya: Pathih 
Sriman Narayanan.

23. A Beautiful pAsuram! AzhwAr says " Emperumaan's nature of saving us 
is automatic and spontaneous". The Greatness of Emperumaan, who won the 
seven oxen to get Nappinnai PiraaTTi, who takes His OWN EXTRA EFFORTS to 
inculcate bhakti in the minds of His devotees (bhAgawathAs) is simply 
EXCELLENT. Is it essential for us to sow a seed of our effort on this? 
No! NOT REQUIRED. When you have nothing to do, and look for some 
pastimes, The Dark Black rainy Clouds will appear in the background of 
EMPERUMAAN IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. And you can enjoy Him then and there. 
(adadaa! enna azhaghu! What an enjoyment! "Oozhi mudhalvan uruvm pOl mei 

24. During the four yugAs, You have shown Yourself in white, Golden, 
Pasumai-Greenish and Dark Black colours. You killed Madhu, Kaitapar 
(coming in white VeLLai parimukar- Hayagreevan); You enabled Arjunan win 
as per his mental calculations (to win the battle) and stayed as 
rakshakan for him during the battle and you stopped at the right time 
Arjun by praising him and advising him (with GitOpadEsam) when he wished 
to stop the battle (before it even started off). 

25. EmperumaanE! You did not even feel bad to go for Yaachakam (begging) 
as a Brahmachari boy (during Your VaamanAvataar) and You could win over 
mahAbhali and obtained the earth back. mahAbhali, the one who (it is 
told) melted the Diamond and drank in order to get such strong 
body/strength like the diamond, the one who was having false pride for 
being so, was won over effortlessly by You by going in for Yaachakam. 
You removed the enmity of mahAbhali, too, thereby. Is there any fruits 
or dividends for You, because of Your such actions? NONE. You carry out 

26. Oh Emperumaan of Dark Blue Ocean colour! All PerumALs whom I pay 
obeisance to, are all You only and none else. See the witness (the 
saakshi) for my paying obeisance - he is Sivan. Thus, I, who is paying 
my obeisance to You, - Please bless adiyEn to continue to pay obeisance 
to You forever and always.

27. Oh Fools! Emperumaan- The One whom even Sivan can not see and pay 
obeisance to- the One who has the most fragrant garland of flowers; 
whose Feet, I am able to pay my obeisance to and prostrate. To me- 
Emperumaan, on His own, out of His Greatest compassion/dayA on me, has 
come and entered into my heart. Is there any other fruit (phalan) do I 
need? will I take? None. This alone is the fruit.

28. EmperumaanE! For You, even building a bridge across the sea, 
finishing the story of Vaali, bending (and breaking) the bow at 
MithilApuri, bending the back of rAvanA (who did not bend down to You) 
with Your arrow to kill him, they are all effortless child's play.

29. Sri Ramapiraan is the Personification of Beauty and DharmA (DharmO 
Vigrahavaan). Those when thinking of Lord Rama, always likes Him and His 
ThirumEni azhaghu (Beauty). Such a beauty is He. He is the Brightest 
shining lustre. He is the Most Wonderful Emperumaan. He is the One who, 
angrily aimed one arrow and killed the massive asurA, kumbhakarNan, 
whose eyebrows alone are as long as one yOjanai (10 miles?- 18 
kilometers?). Such Greatest Beautiful Emperumaan is Sri Ramachandra 
Murthy. ("SeeRikkoNdu yeidhaanavan"- Valmiki says "The One who never 
gets angry, angrily aimed the arrow at kumbhakarNan.).

30. Sri RanganAthan- The One who has captured me - will save me and 
protect me without pushing me into this drama stage of worldly affairs. 
("All the world's a stage"). That Emperumaan has stayed and entered into 
my heart. Will He now like to go back to AdhisEshan? No. (He likes only 
my heart and He will always be with me.)

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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