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Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi-2 -"Even Sivan had preached what I say".

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 01:15:20 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In continuation to the first ten pAsurams of Thirumazhisai AzhwAr’s 
Naanmugan’s Thiruvandhaadhi, let me place yet another ten marvellous 
pAsurams humbly at the feet of this Great mystical AzhwAr.  

11. “vaazhtthuga vaay kaaNga kaN kEtka sevi* magudam/
       thaazhtthi vaNangumingaL thaNmalaraal*- soozhttha/
	thuzhaay mannu neeNmudiyan thollaimaal thannai*/
	vazhaa vaNkai kooppi madhitthu.

To meditate on SarvEshwaran- who has the most beautiful brightest Crown 
with Thirutthuzhaay maalai (garland of thuLasi leaves) on His Head- 
ceaselessly, with no gap absolutely, and to pay obeisance to Him at all 
times- all that you need to do is: With your “vaN” blessed ( because 
they are blessed to pay obeisance to SarvEshwaran) folded hands (and 
palms glued to each other), pray to Him with humility and prostrate to 
Emperumaan offering cool fragrant flowers. Let your mouth praise Him; 
Let your eyes enjoy His Beautiful ThirumEni (Divya mangaLa vigraham); 
Let your ears listen to His Divya charithrams. (avtaara leelAs).

12. EmeprumaanE! You have made those (the four types of jIvans.. 
namely., dEvAs, humans, animals and plants) who did not know Your 
supremacy by studying and realising from saasthrAs about You, suffer 
from various kinds of different births). It is You who removed the 
sorrows of the Moon; It is You who saved GajEndrA and granted mOksham to 
him and cleared the sin of the crocodile as well. (AzhwAr praises 
Emperumaan’s immediate rakshathvam of those who hold to Him; and leaves 
“others” in births after births.) 

13. (In this pAsuram, AzhwAr advises that one need not suffer with great 
long thapas (penance) torturing themselves physically. Instead, he says 
“Hold Him (Sriman Narayanan) as the Only way for mOksham and reach Him 
as the Goal”.) Without actually getting to know what is the route for 
mOksham, you all are torturing your body with great penance for long and 
long years, and then eat moderately to live. (All that is not 
warranted). It is only our dearest Lord- the Greatest Grandest Lord- 
Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan is the Only One as declared POSITIVELY AND 
ASSERTIVELY BY SAASTHRAS AND VEDAS as One who is the actual  “upaayam” 
(the way-to grant us mOksham) and the Goal as well (“upEyam”) and - as 
the One who is the Personification of NityasUris’ sweetest ceaseless 

14. Sriman Narayanan is the Only One who has enslaved me as His servant. 
He is the One who gracefully, saves His devotees and does NOT let His 
bhAgawathAs suffer in Narakam (samsaaric lives and furthermore births). 
Those followers of “other” doctrines (with wrong concepts on Parathvam 
and religion) without such BhAgyam ( of being blessed) to utter His 
Divya naamams (Divine Name as Narayanan) are loitering like walking 
corpses aimlessly. And listening to the blabbering of these people, 
there are many who are allured and misled to go down the drain. (Dearest 
sisters and Brothers, Let us right now, utter “NamO NarayanA!”)

15. DEvAs have paid their obeisance to Emperumaan when He rose to His 
huge form to measure the universe during TrivikramAvataar, by offering 
flowers at His Feet. If you offer flowers at His Feet, you will also be 
blessed to see what MaarkaNdEya Maharishi saw of Sivan’s state. (When 
Sivan was asked to grant mOksham to MaarkaNdEyar, Sivan showed his hand 
to Sriman Narayanan and said that he is not capable of granting 

16. During KurukshEthra battle, the Chief of NithyasUris- Emperumaan 
stood as the enemy, and made many kings and warriors die (without even 
lifting any arm); it is He who staged the sunset at an odd time (by 
hiding the Sun with His ChakrAyudham) and let darkness engulf everywhere 
to make it appear as if dusk has set in; Due to this Greatest 
Emperumaan’s grace, my (flickering) mind stays firm on Him. It always 
holds Him. (AzhwAr implies that Emperumaan goes through all such 
mischief and deceits to help and save His bhakthAs).

17. (Dearest Sisters and Brothers, Read this pAsuram. AzhwAr says : “It 
is not just I who says this. It is also told by Sivan, the Parama jnAnI 
to his disciples.) The Greatest thapasvI and jnAnI Sivan, gave his 
upadEsam to four Rishis sitting in the shadow of a Banyan tree. He 
declared to his disciples (these rishis) that it is Emperumaan Sriman 
Narayanan- The One who reclined on the Banyan leaf- the One who measured 
the entire Universe with His Feet- the One who has His YoganidrA on the 
Milk Ocean (ThiruppARkadal), who is the way (and the goal) for him 
(Sivan) and Emperumaan is the One to whom he pays obeisance to. 

18. (AzhwAr asserts that it is even better to hold to BhAgawathAs than 
Emperumaan). Who can be able to praise the Most strongest Huge Lion, Sri 
Narasimhan, who appeared to tear the chest of hiraNyan with His sharp 
nails? And Those who can praise Him and greet such Great Emperumaan- are 
even outshadowed by BhAgawthAs who gain enormous puNyams by surrendering 
to these exalted souls. (who greet the Lord). IT IS BETTER TO TAKE 
Madhurakavi AzhwAr). 

19. Oh EmperumaanE! You are so great! The way You made those huge 
efforts of thapas, and boons granted by BrahmA to hiraNyan go waste 
effortlessly in such dharmic fashion! Oh ChakrAyudha PerumAnE! You are 
the One who protects us and saves us out of Your own desire and 
happiness; You are the One who takes the vow to protect us. You ARE the 
Only One who can GRANT Paramapadha vaasam to ALL THOSE WHO SURRENDER TO 

20. Oh EmperumaanE! You are the One who executes everything and all 
worlds; It is due to only YOUR GRACE THAT one can attain You as 
Purushaartham and mOksham. (to be at Your Feet at Sri vaikuntam). You 
are the Chief of all dEvAs, and BrahmA, Sivan. You are the One who is 
the lustrous, bright, scorching fire, the huge mountains, the eight 
directions, the Moon, the Sun, and everything. All of them function 
because of You Only.

Let us enjoy the next ten (21 to 30) in our next post.

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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