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Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi-1

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 20:54:54 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

With the encouraging words /aseervaathams/blessings from all of you, 
with the anugrahams of my AchAryan and that of Most Merciful Divya 
Damapti with me, I dare venture into Naanmukhan Thiruvandhaadhi of 
Thirumazhisai vandha jOthi- Sri Bhakthisaarar- ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr- The 
One whose Bhakthi made the Lord obey him and was called “sonna vaNNam 
seidha PerumAL” (yadhOthkaari”)-  the One who actually had learnt, tried 
all other religions/doctrines., namely., Buddhism, jainism, advaitA and 
in fact became a staunch devotee of sivA (with a name siva vAkyA). It 
was Mahadhaahvayar- pEyAzhwAr who argued with him, showed him evidences 
from vEdAs ans smrithis to claim sriman nArAyaNA as the supreme deity, 
and finally initiated him into Sri vaishNavic philosophy and named him 
BhaktisArar. (In fact, it is an interesting thing. my intention was to 
continue with NammAzhwAr’s other works. But suddenly, yesterday, there 
was a query from one of srivaishnavas(?) by private e-mail as to whether 
there is any AchAryA /AzhwAr who had actually studied other sects like 
buddhism, jainism, and then declared Sri vaishnavam is the ultimate. 
Naturally, ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr came to my rescue.  That is when I 
thought it is Bhagavadh AgnjA (command) that I need to write on 
Thirumazhisai AzhwAr’s pAsurams first to remove such false notions / 
doubts from these princes (of SrivaishNavam) who do not even know that 
they are princes and that they possess enormous treasure with them in 
the form of Sriya: pathih Sriman NarayaNan. We can come back to 
NammAzhwAr’s works later of course!). 

 Thaniyan on Thirumazhisai AzhwAr’s Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi

NaaraayaNan padaitthaan naanmuganai* naanmuganukku/
yEraar sivan piRandhaan ennum chol*- seeraar/
mozhi seppi vaazhalaam nenjamE!* moi poo/
mazhisaip piraan adiyE vaazhtthu.

NarayaNan created Brahman (the four headed one). From this BrahmA, the 
Siva was born. Such greatest TRUTH was asserted by ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr . 
Recite his pAsurams and get saved, Oh Mind!. Praise 
ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr’s Feet.

AchAryAs enjoy this AzhwAr’s works, and address them as the sword that 
has been taken out of its cover (from the waist band) to destroy “other” 
non- truthful, false notions and doctrines and to establish that 
Sriya:pathih Sriman NarayananE is Parathvam and AzhwAr has NOT still put 
the sword back (since the false notion still lingers). 

Since the 1st pAsuram starts with “Naanmuganai”, this work is called 
“Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi (NMT in short). 

1. naanmuganai NaaraayaNan padaitthaan* Naanmuganum/
thaan mugamaay sankaranaip padaitthaan * yaan mugamaay/
andhaadhi mElitaaRivitthEn aazhporuLaich*/
sindhaamaR koNmin neer thErndhu./

NarayaNan created BrahmA (naanmugan- four faced one); BrahmA (thus 
became the instrument) and created the universe starting with Sankaran. 
And this I have been blessed to announce in this most important truth. 
Oh People! you all see, understand the truth in this and don’t let it 
get out of your mind. MahOpanishad declares this truth that Narayanan is 
the One who cause of creation for all dEvAs through BrahmA whom He first 
created.  (Thus, AzhwAr implies, “by getting to know the Creator, and 
the births of BrahmA and Sivan, you all can get rid of your future 

2. When closely studied and investigated, we can realise that jnAnis – 
all of them- have unequivocally and unambiguously declared that There is 
only One ParadEvathai. NONE CAN COMPREHEND HIS GREATNESS. This is the 
only truth that one gets from all sruthis and smruthis. Whomsoever- does 
whatever karmAs as the way or offering to Him- the fruits of such karmAs 
come to the doer as a blessing ONLY FROM ChakrapANi Emperumaan Sriman 
Narayanan. (Even in Narayana Sooktham , at its end , the minutest form 
of PurushOttaman shining in the heart cave of the chetanas, as 
antharyaami is being saluted. It concludes with the thundering statement 
"Sa Brahama, Sa Siva, Sendra, sOkshara Parama Svaraat...".that is: He is 
Brahma , Siva , Indra , and every thing in the universes created , 
sustained and destroyed by Him.)
3.  SarvEshwaran has His YoganidhrA on ThiruppARkadal (milk ocean); He 
is showing Himself so gracefully at Srirangam; During MahApraLyam, He 
slept on the banyan leaf; He is the ONLY CAUSE AND CREATOR FOR 
EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE. He is the Chief of and seen directly by 
NithyasUris. During the time of creation, he reclined on the waters (and 
created the worlds thereafter). Such incomprehensible Lord- My 
Emperumaan- who has understood Him as I have done?

4. Sivan- the one who has hidden the Ganges in his lock of hairs, is 
considered equal and shares Parathvam with Sriman Narayanan, as 
interpreted by some. IS IT ACCEPTABLE? NO! Sriman Narayanan is 
Him, why to talk of supremacy? He has all meaningful words referring to 

5. HiraNyan, due to his enormous penance did not have any defeats nor 
any possibility of death blows from anyone whatsoever, in any manner 
that one can imagine. PerumAnE! With Your bent, sharp finger nails You 
tore his chest. The Strongest shouldered Lord You are- the One who casts 
cool merciful glances at Prahalada. During Cosmic cycle end, You 
retained all beings and the worlds in Your stomach. During re-creation, 
You brought them out and let them grow. You are the antharyaami of 
dEvAs, humans animals and plants. NONE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU. ONLY “YOU” 

6. Jains (samaNars) do not know You. Buddhists are confused about You 
without knowing the Truth. Saivites belittle themselves with wrong 
concept of ParadEvathA. Till date, since they have Not understood, and 
hence, they have NOT paid their obeisance to and praised Emperumaan – 
Sriman Narayanan- The Most Fragrant One who does most wonderful things- 
The One who loves His devotees- The One who has Sri MahALakshmi with Him 
always (Madhavan). I need not have to tell that they are all (“neesar”) 
foolish/wrong doers till date. (i.e. They too have a chance in future by 
understanding the Truth and pray to Narayanan accordingly, by the grace 
of Sriman Narayanan)

7. NarayaNA! Your grace on me is great! That is there today and will be 
there in future as well. It will be there always. You- who is the 
Greatest of the Greats – ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO IS THE REFUGE for adiyEn 
(me) who is the lowest of the lowest selves. I HAVE SEEN THAT THERE IS 
ONE (LOWER THAN MINE) ELSE TO SAVE. I am Your sEshan (servant). You ARE 

8. Oh my dear mind! RAvaNA’s lankA was destroyed completely by Sri Rama 
who is red Lotus eyed Lord- who took over from ParasurAman the VaishNava 
dhanus, which won sivan. Other than Sri Raman, there is no support and 
solace for us, when we are in deep troubles. 

9. Brahman himself knew that Emperumaan- the Complete PoorNan- Sriman 
Narayanan alone is the sEshI (Master) and he (BrahmA), realising that 
Emperumaan is his master, understood that he is sEshan (servant) of 
Emperumaan. When Emperumaan took TrivikrmAvatAr, and rose to measure the 
Universe, BrahmA grabbed that opportunity to wash His Feet from his 
kamaNdalam (small vessel) using his dharma as water, and recited Purusha 
sooktham, etc. That washed water from His Feet (the pure holy water – 
Sri Paadha theertahm ) fell on the head of sivan, (who had swallowed 
poison and got his name “NeelakaNtan”).

10. When AdhisEshan heard BrahmA and other dEvAs’ praising Emperumaan, 
he had “pongum parivu” and had apprehensions that they may cast evil 
glances on his Lord, and hence, he exhaled poisonous fire. Such a love 
is AdhisEshan’s for Emperumaan who has him as His bed. Do you thing we 
can not see Emperumaan’s Golden Divine ThirumEni (body)? Yes. We can of 
course see. But BrahmA and sivan do not realise that do not pay their 
obeisance to Emperumaan nor they can see. (means: those who realise that 
He alone is the saviour and refuge like us can see Him; Those who have 
ahankaara, mamakaaram, can NOT comprehend Him; nor see.)

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 

NamO Narayana

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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