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Re: anadhyayanam

From: Satish Bukkapatnam (
Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 18:04:06 PST

>         I don't know why the resuming of the regular recitation at home is
> later than the temple-- unfortunately, I did not ask this question in
> 1988-88.  Now after this issue was raised in this forum, I feel bad that I
> did not seek to find out the possible reason.  
> I thank Sri Raghavan of Chicago for kindly giving the parayanam particulars
> in the Aurora temple.  It is the most thorough coverage that I have heard of
> till now in this country.  I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience.  Are
> any other temples celebrating those ritual days?  The opening of vaikuntha
> vasal and Mohini alankaram seems to be done in most temples here, but not
> the extended divya prabandham recitation.  Best wishes, Vasudha

Another interesting fact is that adhyayana utsavam of
tiruvengadamudayaan at tirumalai preceeds that of Govindaraja perumal
of tirupati (keezh tiruppati) by 2 pakshams. I vaguely remember that
anadhayana calendars themselves are shifted accordingly (I am not
sure on this one).

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Chicago community for
taking up the pious task of divyaprabandha parAyanam. This effort is
certainly towards, as swami desikan said, ".. thondaimandala vEdhiyar 
vaazhavE, thooya thenmarai vallavar vaazhavE".