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Re: anadhyayanam

From: Vasudha Narayanan (
Date: Sun Nov 30 1997 - 15:48:54 PST

Respected members of the bhakti group: In reading Sri Raghavan's note on the
times of the anadhyayanam, I realized I had inadvertently made a mistake
while typing out my response.  I should have said that the suspension of the
regular recitation begins *generally* on Tiru kartikkai day and not on
Kaisika ekadasi day, though the latter is also done.  The Srirangam
panchangam,occasionally notes the suspension on Kaisika ekadasi night, but I
don't believe the pambu panjangam does.  Since I have only the pambu
panjangam this year, I cannot verify it.  The rest of the material is still,
as far as I know correct.  
I did re read the original query and would like to add the following
information: the regular temple recitation is resumed in many places the day
after the adhyayana utsavam.  The sattumurai is immediately followed by the
Tiruppallandu todakkam.  However, the recitation at homes is not resumed
till Kurattalvan's tirunakshatram (tai hastam).  This information was given
by Sri Parthasarathi Iyengar of the Veda Adhyapaka goshti at Triplicane
temple. ( I will try to double check with the tapes I have).  As I noted
earlier there are many variations.  The meaning of the pasurams are brought
out both through the partial recitation of commentaries by the araiyars in
Srirangam, as well as through "performative" commenataries-- that is through
depicting the meaning by abhinayam rather than words.
        I don't know why the resuming of the regular recitation at home is
later than the temple-- unfortunately, I did not ask this question in
1988-88.  Now after this issue was raised in this forum, I feel bad that I
did not seek to find out the possible reason.  
I thank Sri Raghavan of Chicago for kindly giving the parayanam particulars
in the Aurora temple.  It is the most thorough coverage that I have heard of
till now in this country.  I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience.  Are
any other temples celebrating those ritual days?  The opening of vaikuntha
vasal and Mohini alankaram seems to be done in most temples here, but not
the extended divya prabandham recitation.  Best wishes, Vasudha