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Thiruvaaimozhi 1.3- Rare yet Simple sowlabhyan!

Date: Sat Nov 29 1997 - 06:13:44 PST

Dearest sisters and brothers,

Let us enjoy the 3 rd Thiruvaimozhi of mudhal patthu.

1.	patthu udai…eLivE…" Emperumaan is sowlabhyan (simple) for His bhakthAs;
For others He is a real rarity and is capable of achieving both such
contradicting natures at the same time; The emperumaan a rarity- the one
who is the beloved of Sri Mahalakshmi sitting on the Lotus- is so SIMPLE
and SOWLABHYAN to get tied down to "ural" close to his chest innocently for
His stealing butter(veNNai) which YasOdhA (His mother) had churned; What a
GREAT SOWLABHYAN He is and How simple He is! (I am not saying; AzhwAr

2.	eLivarum iyalvinan ….amaindhE…"Emperumaan has got such sowlabhya GuNA as
His nature; He has taken "avataarams" which can not be categorized as one
type or one trend/nature; He is enriched with bright nature and has ALL
kalyANa gunas which have no beginning and no end; He is equipped with the
capacity of granting mOksha Gnanam at all times;- Such a GREAT merciful
Lord, stays at the BhagavatOttamALs' Hearts willingly at all times and is
NOT AT ALL APPROACHABLE for those who do not have bhakti for Him."

3.	Amaivu udai …yArO…"Equipped with such Great dharma (virtues) which are
not inferior to any other dharma- such all time Greats who possess the duty
to create, destroy etc., like brahma, sivan, and all other dEvAs, all
chEtanAs (sentinents) and achEtanAs (non-sentinents); The One who has
become one and all and becomes all by Himself; Who knows the "avataara
rahasyam" (secret and concept of His avataars)?- Absolutely NO ONE KNOWS."

4.	YArum Or nilamaiyan…piNakkE.." My Emperumaan- Even a Great Gnani can not
say firmly that He has one nature; At the same time Even a fool (like me!)
can easily say He is of this form and nature; such a simple Lord; The names
the forms are so many thousands for Him; "He does not have one name and one
form"– claims many who do not love Him most; "Not that; He is of this name
and form only"- claims those who are His bhakthAs- and their arguments will
continue for ever and ever"

5.	PiNakku aRa aRu…uNarndhE…"Emperumaan gave us the vEdhas and their ways;
He is full of kalyANa guNAs; He is the primordial Lord who has no end; He
is equipped with beautiful Great GnAnam; - Follow the respected Bhakti way
for Him and leave all "other" ways; Realise the Gnanam which He has granted
us; and get rid of the poorva vaasanAs (praaraptha karmaas)."

6.	UNarndhu uNarndhu…irainjumin.." Think; Think and try to find out; the
one which spans everywhere and is in every being- the Athmaa- Even if you
get to know the nature of this athmaa through your ears; your eyes; your
minds, you can not get to know the nature of sarvEswaran.  In spite of
that, Oh People!, Thirumaal, Brahman, Sivan- Think of them always and try
to express in many ways and concentrate on THE ONE whom you think as
"sarvEswaran" whom you are able to appreciate wholeheartedly; Keep talking
about His glories again and again and prostrate to Him" (Wait, sisters and
brothers, Go to the next pAsuram where AzhwAr has given his verdict on who
the "sarvEswaran" is) 

7.	OnRu enapp pala…  nammudai nALE…"The Supreme God is one and He is
incomprehensible for all; He is equipped with Great kalyANa guNAs; Think
and analyse of the three NarayaNan, Brahman and Sivan without getting
attached to any of them; Think of Their nature, Their attributes and guNAs,
and Their capacities; compare Their attributes and Their capacities; -
remove your iswara bhuddhi on two of them and concentrate on the Only One,
Sriman NarayaNan and offer your bhakti to only Him for the Rest of your
Life fully saying "this is the only useful action that I can do".

8.	NaaLum ninRu…valamE…"  If you remove the dirt of considering all three
of them are equal, - consider logically and purify your mind by praying 
and prostrating to the Lotus Feet of emperumaan who is the Lord of Sri
Mahalakshmi, then, the worst grandest, deadliest old sins that have been
accrued over the ages for so many births will go away immediately; Then you
will have no grievances; Then even when you are on your death bed, you will
think of Him."

9.	Valatthanan… thuyakkE.."The Great creator Brahma along with his world
stayed in His "naabhi" (navel); Sivan stays at His right side; To become
more explicit He Himself entered as an avataar in His own world which He
created; If we try to say all this, He takes everything in His stomach at
the end of cosmic cycle (praLaya kaalam). Such actions of His make us
wonderstuck and awestruck."

10.	Thuykku aRu mathiyil..amarndhE.." Emperumaan, the One who can make even
the dEvAs (who are equipped with gnAnam) awestruck with His Great leelaas
and mischief in His avataars; the One who is black and blue hued like a
dark cloud; - I can not forget His Lotus Feet which measured the Earth
effortlessly; I will hug and embrace Those Lotus Feet. I will not attach
myself to any "other" thing and meditate only on His Lotus Feet and pay
obeisance to Him.."

11.	AmararkaL thozhudhu… am chiraiyE…"Those who learn and recite these ten
pAsurams of the sweetest 1000 pAsurams (of NammAzhwAr who was born in
Thirukkurugoor) which talk about the Greatness of Emperumaan who churned
the Milky Ocean for the upliftment of dEvAs, will definitely get
paramapadham along with dEvAs and get rid of the imprisonment of  "this
Birth". ( It is certain that we get such a parampadham for having read
azhwAr's this ten, dear ones!)

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

DAsan madhavakkannan