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Re: bhakti mail

From: Raghavans (
Date: Fri Nov 28 1997 - 10:21:26 PST

+                           SrI:
+                  SrI SrInivAsa parabrahmaNe nama:
+ aazhvaar thiruvadigaLE SaraNam; emberumaanaar thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
	Sri Adhivansatakopa Yatindra MahAdesikAya Namaha.

Dear Bhagavathal:

In response to the  question below , Dravida Prabhandam is not
recited at home during Anadhyayana KAlam.   This period is,  according to
most  tradition, starts on the Kritthika Poornima day and extends up to
Thi Pushyam.(This could last at the most till Feb 15th, beginning of
Tamil MAsi month) Even during this period, exceptions are Tiruppalliezhucchi
and Tiruppavai.  In temples Tiruppallandu sEvai during SAttumurai
will not be performed while Anadhyayana kAlam extends.

Tradition has it that Tirumanagai mannan  moved Nammalvar
Utsava moorti from Azhvar Tirunagiri to Sri Rangam and performed
Utsavam to the inclusion of Prabhanda PArAyanam  in Sri Rangam temple.
This usually commenced on Suklapaksha Ekadasi, which is
the Vaikunta Ekadasi day,  and this is usually called IrAppattu.
Subsequently Alvandar started pahal pattu starting from Suklapaksha
Prathamai such that all 4000 paasurams are rendered over the 20 day
period and on the 21st day chant Iyarppa Ayiram as munnadi and
pinnadi.  Following this tradition, Tiruadhyayanotsavam is performed
in all tradition-bound Vishnu temples starting from Suklapaksha Pratha
ma.  It is much more known to the genral public as IrAppatu-Pahal pattu Utsavam.

This year Suklapkasha Prathamai falls on Dec 30th.  Also, the traditional
VAkya panchangam (so called Paambu panchangam in Tamil), lists
Tiru adyayana Utsavam starts on Dec. 30th 1997 in Srivilliputtur, Sri Rangam,
Tirukkoshttiyur and other Vishnu Sthalams.

In the "Tiru Allikkeni Sri Parthasarathy Swami Devastthana Veda Adhyapaka
Goshti Special Bulletin", (page 44), describes how Tiru Adhyayanotsavam
is celebrated in Tirumala in an article titled "Tirumalaiyum and Sri Vaishana
va Sampradaya Neriyum".  Only following the  tradition that I knew back home
as well as what is listed as Sampradayam in Tirumala, we have decided on 
this program.

I request others more about Tiru Adhyayanotsavam or about different
traditions,  I would be happy to know.



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> From: "P.B.Anand" <>
> Subject: Divya prabandha parayanam..Karthikai??
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> Dear Bhagavathal,
> I am an ignoramus in these matters and I am posting this to clarify my 
> agnana. I was told by elders that during the Karthikai period, generally
> the dravida prabandham is not recited. Apparently the period ahs already
> started and continues till about March. My doubts are
> a. whether discussion about the pasurams where the original is also
> quoted is allowed during this period.
> b. whether recitation/parayanam in temples is permitted (perhaps there 
> are 'sadharana nyaya' and 'visesha nyaya' interpretations).
> Erudite members of the group including Mani/ Dr. Sadagopan/ Bharadwaj may
> kindly clarify.
> Will be very grateful for your responses.
> Adiyen
> P.B. Anand
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> From: "V. Sadagopan" <>
> Subject: Sri P.B.Anand"s question on " anadhyananam " periods
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> Dear Sri P.B. Anand : Professor VasudhA Narayanan
> is the most qualified scholar in this group to comment
> on your question . As a keen student and researcher ,
> she has visited 60 of the 106 divya desams to study
> and record the recitation and ritual of Divya Prabhandhams .
> Her book on " The Vernacular Veda , Revelation ,
> recitation and ritual " is a treasure house of
> information on hte subject of Divya Prabhamdhams .
> The information on the practises at the famous
> temple of Sri PathasArathy at ThiruvallikkENi
> is very informative .
> May I suggest that we all benefit form her comments /
> observations on your question ?
> V.Sadagopan