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Subhashita Nivi-5

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Fri Nov 28 1997 - 17:22:56 PST

Dear Friends,

I shall present the fifth set of tweleve verses from the Subhashita Nivi 
in this post. This set of twelve verses describes the ways of the 
unworthy. This is the last set of verses characterizing evil persons.

1. One who is hard of heart, misanthropic,inaccessible and lacks 
compassion will be shunned by worthy men, though he may be high born.

2. A shallow muddy pond will not be useful for quenching thirst even 
though fed with pure rain water from the skies.

3. A loner lacking natural goodness and tolerance cannot be reformed.

4. Though tolerant, pure and cool sandalwood trees deter people from 
coming close, due to the serpents they harbor.

5. Even as the Ganga and Yamuna turn and twist in their course when they 
reach the low plains, the minds of even noble and lofty men get affected 
by associating with men of low caliber.

6. Some are born to ideal parents and appear noble but, in reality, they 
are uneasy of mind, averse to friends and friendly to enemies; like the 
blue lily sprouting in pelucid waters but closing its petals before the 
Sun (life-giver, a friend) and blossoming bright before the moon (which 
is blemished).

7. Association with a hypocrite who puts on a show of renunciation but 
is deeply wedded to worldliness and pleasures will only lead to sin.

8. A serpent croaking like a frog, a tiger sporting a cow's head and a 
flattering enemy should not be trusted and must be avoided. They are out 
to cause destruction only.

9. Reptiles inimical to one another will combine to attack innocent 
cratures. Evil-minded people will similarly unite to destroy pure souls 
and are ever immune to punishment.

10. The truly wise and good men would not serve those who have scant 
respect for human values, lack tolerance and good behavior and who do 
not honor their parents and elders.

11. Reposing confidence in an enemy, keeping soma juice in the vessel of 
one who eats meat meant for consumption by dogs, pouring Ganges water on 
a skull, living righteously amid sinners, knowledge in an immoral person 
and scriptural learning by the uninitiated are all abnormal phenomena 
and hence are impure. They do not do any good and 
are definitely harmful.

12. In one's quest for wealth, one can cross the ocean, or climb 
mountains, or even take to alchemy or learn martial arts; but one should 
never approach haughty, rich men; for such an action is humiliating and 
destroys one's confidence and self-respect.

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy


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