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Re: Azhwars

From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Thu Nov 27 1997 - 08:29:42 PST

> Does it make a difference to me how  Azhwars are considered in vadagalai
> or thengalai saampradaayam?

I do not intend to reopen the whole thing again, but after reading the above
statement, I thought that it was important to express my thoughts -

The tendency to attribute anything that we do not understand
(or anything that we think we understand, but others have a different
view on that ) to a 'kalai' difference is extremely detrimental to the
understanding of our sampradaayam. It basically extends our ignorance
on these matters. Unfortunately, on this list that seems to be the first
thing that props up whenever people disagree.

The only way to even come close to understanding
is to listen to upanyaasams from our aachaaryaas.
Whatever we read, (irrespective
of the numerous books that we have access to, and numerous
translations that we have on this forum) is not going to make us
comprehend our sampradaayam. So, I would like to reiterate -
many members of this list have pointed this out before - Bhakti
list is not a substitute for learning from an aacharyan. Bhakti and the
postings on this list are not a substitute for real learning. It is just
a 'community' of sorts where people with a deep interest in
SriVaishnavam congregate and discuss SriVaishnavam.

Not in my complex world.  Is

> there a right or wrong answer to these type of debates?

Yes. There are right answers.  Those are the ones that ouraachaaryaas say - not
what we think they say, but what they
actually say. In many instances, we let our ego colour what the
aachaaryas say. We should be careful not to do that.