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Thiruvaaimozhi 1.2- Click here to get upadEsam from NammAzhwAr!

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Wed Nov 26 1997 - 21:27:49 PST

Dearest sisters and brothers,

1. veedumin muRRavum..seimminE.." Leave all attachments to the worldly
things. Then after leaving them, hand over your "athmaa" to the "empiraan"
(my Lord) who owns moksha lOkam, parama padam"

2. minnin nilai ila..neerE.."the bodies which house the "athmaa" are like a
flicker, last lesser time than lighting and are not all permanent- Think
and say that and then you think of the Ever-permanent, Emperumaan."

3.neer numadhu...illE.."yours, you- such ahankaara, mamakaaram- Remove them
from right at the root level and surrender to the Emperumaan. There is no
equal and better action than that for the "athmaa"."

4.illadhum uLLadhum...aRRE..."That Emperumaan's form is there as well as
NOT there; That form is a kinda infinite and unlimited Divine Bliss and
pErAnandham. Hence, remove and put aside the desires for other worldly
things and embrace and hug Emperumaan (tightly)."

5.aRRadhu paRRu enil...paRRE.."If the attachments to worldly matters are
removed, atmA can get mOksham. Hate that mOksham too, and deisre and opt
for Bhagavadh vishayam and service and kainkaryam to emperumaan and get
attached to Him"

6.paRRu ilan...adangE..." Emperumaan has got no attachments; He exists
everywhere in its full entirety. Hence, you do not get attached to any
other thing and immerse yourself in ALL kinds of kaikanaryams and all sorts
service to Emperumaan."

7.adanghu ezhil...uLLE..."Barge right into that Bhagavdh vibhoothi (the
Divine Wealth) and see that Bhagavadh vibhoothi which is exquisitely
beautiful in all respects and consider that the entire Wealth belong to

8. uLLam urai seyal...odunghE..." Mind, Speech and Action- Weigh and
analyse all these three things and remove any attachment of all these to
"other worldly" things and get cuddled into Emperumaan."

9. odungha...eNNE..."If you get yourself cuddled into the thinking of
Emperumaan, then only, attachement to "other" things will go away. (Once
is done), then, anticipate (eagerly) for the day when you are going to get
out of this body.(Wow! What a simple pAsuram, - great meanings!-same
mentioned in "saraNAgathi Gadhyam)

10. eNN perukku... sErE... "When you start thinking of His GuNAs , they
keep on
expanding and increasing . He has all Great JeevAthmaas in Him; He
has the endless, innumerable kalyANa GuNAs; He is Sriman NARAYANAN. Hold
Sriman Narayanan's Thiruvadi which never desert His bhaktaaLs."

11. Thse ten pAsurams out of 1000 Pasurams have got all that is Great and
have been sung ("aruLiya") by NammAzhwAr, who is born in Thirukkurugoor
where beautiful ponds exist."

(Excellent Pasurams and deep meanings; (simple to understand). Easy(?) to
practise (just have no attachment to the worldly things and get attached to
Sriya: pathih:- easier said than done, azhwArE!- We are all worms lying
down in rotten dirt; It will take lot of time to get out of this rut.- We
need Your and (Y) our Narayanan's grace and lift to get us out- ALL of US;
There are about 200 of us (Is it right mani?))


NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam