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Re: help

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Nov 25 1997 - 14:20:58 PST

At 06:43 PM 11/24/97 -0500, Ram Gopalaswamy wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>Looking for "bona fide" commentations on the following:
>  shrii vedaanta deshika's commentations on the iishaavaasyopanishhad .
>  shrii yaamunaacaarya's giitaartha sangraham .
>  shrii raamaanujaacaarya's srii bhaashyam .
>  vishhNu puraanam .
>appreciate any help,

Dear Sri Ram Gopalaswamy,

It depends on what language you want.

for ex. 
Isavasyopanisad commentary in Kannada is available - Sanskrit Academy -
Melkote (I have couple of copies)
I have two versions - one in English - K C Varadachari (out of print)
and one in sanskrit (original commentary) ( out of print)
Gitartha Samgraham - translation is there at the end of MR SAmpath
Kumaran's Gita bhasya
Sri bhasyam - an english version by MR Rajgopalaiengar - available from
Motilal banarsidas
kannada version available by DR. N.S. Anantharangachar (one of my gurus)
there are several other sribhasyam versions original and tamil ones by
Uttamur Viraraghavacharyar.

An very good book on the Brahmasutras - Comparitive Estimate of
commentaries on Brahmasutra by Sri Sankara, Sri Ramanuja and Sri
Madhvacharya - by SMS CHari is available from Munshiram Manoharlal das.
This book was published recently this year.  I have a pre-publication copy
because I put this book into the computer.

Adiyen Krishna Kalale