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Date: Tue Nov 25 1997 - 07:46:32 PST

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

I am referring to the recent note by Dileepan.  All of us respect our
Acharyas and interpretations can differ.  There are several instances where
different interpretations can lead to different (equally valid)
conclusions.  But in discussions like this I do not think that it is good
to keep implicating Bhaghavata Apacharam.  I quote the passage from Anbil
Swamigal's posting:

"Let us remind ourselves of the warning that of the various impediments to
Moksha ( Virodi Swarupam) and Apacharas include-
i.  Deeming the Alwars and Acharyas as mere human beings like any of us and
ii.  Judging Archa murthis with reference to the material (stone, metal
with which they are made.
I wonder if Sri. B and those who uphold his interpretations are aware of

I do not think such warnings serve any other purpose other than creating
fear psychosis and driving away people.  We have to understand the
sensitivities of the people who for some reason have not been exposed to
SriVaishnava tradition in their childhood and who are now willing to
embrace it.  I think the Bhakti list is read by many such people and we
have to respect their sensitivity and not turn them away by such rhetoric.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan
Buffalo, NY