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The recent discussions about AzhwArs...

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Mon Nov 24 1997 - 18:05:04 PST

The status of AzhwArs:

This has been a topic of discussion for some time now. Many knowledgeable
scholars from this bhakthi group have expressed their views asked/answered
questions... I learnt so much from these discussions, really. But one thing
that really hurts me is the slow transition of this discussion into somewhat
unhealthy postings. There may be difference of opinions between two sects
or for that matter between any two individuals.  This has to be sorted out
by healthy, understanding discussions, without jumping to conclusions...
Sri AR's recent posting definitely presented his views very clearly. 
This is nice. There is no doubt that he is one of the most knowledgeable
scholars in the group and one of the most elderly and learned bhAgavathA.
But the tone of the posting seems little unhealthy (atleast to me ). 
I mean the phrases  in ALL CAPITALS and such things. I do not want to
Sri AR Wrote:
It is a tall claim to say that "very very few scholars today can match his
erudition". With due respects to Sri Bhuvarahachariar,   a RELATIVELY LESS
KNOWN personality,  in comparison to the great Yathivaras like H.H. the
Jeeyar, H.H. PP Andavan, H.H. Srimushnam Andavan , Parakaala Mutt Jeeayar,
and  Acharyas like Uttamur Swami and Sri Vatsankachariar and others - who are
recognized world wide for their depth of erudition. In view of this,  Sri
Bhuvarahacharya  himself would honestly admit  that. these stalwarts in the
galaxy of luminaries are certainly  better qualified as  Acharyas than

For the person who originally posted Sri BhuvarahachariyAr's note, this 
would be pretty embarrassing, i think. This comparison of 
Sri Bhuvarahachariyar with others doesn't look right, especially when 
it is said that others are better qualified than him. There is no question 
at all about the erudition of the others mentioned. The whole idea of comparing 
two people and claiming that one is better than the other very explicitly
is definitely not a healthy discussion.
This kind of expression towards a fellow Bhagavatha disheartens me. I do 
not personally know Sri Bhuvarahachariyar. Quite frankly,I didn't even 
know his 'kalai'. So there is definitely no sectarian bias here. 

Compare this with Mani's expression, "very very few scholars today can match
his erudition" - I find his to be very generic, without naming names. One 
need not take offense to this statement. this is written in good gesture, 
i feel. 

I have been immensely benefitted by this informal bhakthi group from the time
it started nearly three years back. I am just expressing my concern about the
nature, tone of the postings in this informal group. This is definitely not 
to criticize or question the authority and erudition of Sri AR. Please do not 
take it that way. It is just a valid, genuine  concern of a fellow nettor in 
this list. 

I wish to quote sri AR himself here: "Meanwhile, as pointed out by 
Mr. Dileepan, let us not indulge in sweeping statements that may have 
unintended and unpleasant implications."

AzhwAr emperumAnAr jeeyar thiruvadigaLE SaraNam
adiyEn irAmAnuja dhAsan
Vijayaraghavan Triplicane