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Re: Posting on Thenkalai-Vadakalai differences

From: srini (
Date: Mon Nov 24 1997 - 07:41:56 PST

> From: Badrinarayanan V S <>
> Dear Sri Mani,
> Thank you for your prompt response and for taking time to locate an earlier
> posting.  I was told that the Pramanam for Vadagalais is the Vedas and for
> the Tengalais is the Divya Prabandhams (Dravida vedam) but i find such a
> simplistic division unacceptable because .....
> The crux of all these above issues is this:  IS there a fundamental
> difference in approach between the two sub sects and if Yes, what is that?
> I request the enlightened members of the group to post their opinions (or
> send me a copy of earlier postings if they do not want to repeat themselves
> in the forum).

There is partial truth in each of the differences you mentioned.
The key word is "partial". Because of that, there is absolutely
no reason for any one to claim racial purity or superiority.
The intermarriages have been common through out the 900 years
after Ramanuja. I know personally of cases 2/3 generations ago,
when the differences were most felt.

Long ago, it was probably just an "Achaarya" allegience difference.

Mani could perhaps cite a reference to the earliest reference
which "explicitly" acknowledges the two kalais. I do not believe
such a reference is very old.

Best wishes

K. Srinivasan