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V vs T on Prapatti

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Mon Nov 24 1997 - 06:51:00 PST

>Mohan Sagar wrote:
> According to the TenAcharyans, the Lord's Grace is
>>spontaneous and causeless, and it alone can bring about one's salvation.
>>Consequently, because the Lord is so kind, He finds even the slightest of
>>inclinations towards Him, even ones that are unknown to the devotee, to be
>>enough of a pretext for Him to work to bring the devotee to Him.  So, the
>>bhAgavatha's experience of prapatti is in reality the fruit of the Lord's
>>own effort.
>>Please note that the above is only just a sampling of the subtle levels of
>>difference between how the two schools view prapatti.  It really requires
>>much more intense study, perhaps even a lifetime's worth, to even come close
>>to experiencing what our pUrvachAryan's had experienced as prapatti.
>From a careful reading of Swami Desikan's works, it would be clear that even
>the Vadagalai act of Prapatti is in reality the fruit of the Lord's own