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FW: Visisthadvaita Research Centre Books and tapes

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 14:56:03 PST

Dear Friends,

Here is a list of books available for immediate sale from Sri Ahobila
Muth.  Those interested may send a check made payable to Sri Ahobila
Muth and mail the same to 1908 Preswood Drive, Hixson, TN 37343.

>1) LIFE OF RAMANUJACHARYA- By Alkondaville Govindacharya.
>   ($15.00 including shipping, paperback 220 pages, in English)
>Originally published in 1906, reprinted in 1995 by Visishtadvaita Research
>Centre.  This is one of the first books in English starting with brief
>descriptions about the lives of Nathamuni downwards upto Ramanujacharya, with
>the latter forming most of the book.  It also covers most of the primary
>Acharyas and disciples of Ramanujacharya.  It is one of the most
>comprehensive books available in English.
>2) SRIMAD BHAGAVAD GITA (2 volumes) by Sri V. N. Gopala Desikan.
>Each volume covers 9 chapters of the famous work and the commentary is based
>on Sri Ramanujacharya's GitaBhasya and Swami Desika's Tatparya Chandrika.
>The shlokas are given in Devanagiri script with an English translation and
>English commentary.
>3) A DIALOGUE ON HINDUISM by Sri. U. Ve. Gopala Desikan
>   ($20.00, paperback 207 pages, in English)
>This is a condensed version of Sri Bhasyam,
>Gitabhasyam, Vedartha Sangraha of Ramanujachayra and Rahasya Traya Sara of
>Swami Desikan and Mumukshapadi, Tatva Traya and Sri Vachana Bhushanam of
>Pillai Lokacharya. This book is in a question and answer format and very
>comprehensive easy to follow book on Srivaishnava Siddhantam.
>4) ACHARYA VAIBHAVAM and ANUBANDHAM by Sri U. Ve. Krishnamacharya Swami. 
>   (price  $20.00 for the former and $10.00 for the latter. 
>In this set of two books the former details the life history of all
>Acharyas from Nathamuni onwards in the Vadagalai line upto the present
>Srimad Azhagiya Singar in 376 pages.
>The Anubandham contains more details about the lives of the 37th Jeer of
>Sri Ahobila Muth upto the 44th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Muth than what is
>available in the former book. 
>Stotras text in Sanskrit and
>and meanings in Tamil by the late U. Ve Sri Villivalam Narayanachariar Swami
>(elder brother of the present Jeer of Sri Ahobila Muth)
>The Mahalakshmi Stotras include, Sri, Bhu and Goda stutis of Swami Desikan
>and Sri stuti from the Puranas, Sri Stavam of Kuresa, Chatusshloki of
>Alavandar and Lakshmi Ashtotara Sata Nama stotram.  The remaining two volumes
>include all the non Thayyar stotras of Swami Desikan.  One hard back and two
>paper backs.  Price. $20.00+$10.00+$10.00.  These are 3 books and can be
>purchased individually or in a set.  
>6) SANDHYAVANDANAM by Sri. A. Ananta Narasimhachar and Sri. V.R. Narasimhan
>   ($5.00 only (!), paperback 100 pages,  in English)
>This is one of our most popular books.  It contains the
>reasoning behind why Sandhyavandanam is necessary, its relevance to the
>contemprary world, and  the mantras and procedure for all 3 veda shakas (
>Rig, Yajur and Sama vedas).  The mantras are in Sanskrit, Tamil and Kannada
>scripts for Yajur Vedam and Sanskrit script for Rig and Sama Veda.  The
>expalanations are in English.
>7) SRIVAISHNAVISM by Sri. A. Ananta Narasimhachar and Sri. V.R. Narasimhan
>   (price ??, paperback 59 pages, in English)
>This book by Prof A. Ananta Narasimhachar, Srikaryam Srimad
>Poundarikapuram Andavan Ashramam Srirangam and Sri V.R. Narasimhan,
>Secretary Sri Thillasthanam Kainkaryam Sabha is a primer 
>It also has an appendix with Guru Parampara Dhyanam, dhyana shlokas for
>the primary mantras to be chanted by a Srivaishnava, and two aradhana
>kramas for people with a knowledge of Devanagiri script.  
>8) SRI DESIKAN PRABANDHAM by Sevilimedu Srinivasachariar and party.
>   (available in audio cassettes - $25.00 for the whole set)
>The set of three cassettes contains all the 19 of Swami Desika's Tamil
>Prabandhams (a total of 405 Pasurams) with a brief commentary of 
>U. Ve. Vidwan Sri RamaDesikachariar by Nadadur Madhava Dhasan.
>Other books available will be posted soon.