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Re: Re: Posting on Thenkalai-Vadakalai differences

From: Badrinarayanan V S (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 20:01:42 PST

>Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 10:48:31
>To: Mohan Sagar <>
>From: Badrinarayanan V S <>
>Subject: Re: Re: Posting on Thenkalai-Vadakalai differences
>Dear Sri Mohan,
>At the outset, my thanks and pranams to you for taking the effort and time
to send me a personal mail.
>Your caveat " For in actuality, we are all SriVaishnavas, humble sEshas to
Perumal and ThayAr, and dAsans to Sri Ramanuja.  Consequently, we must
examine all sides of the tradition in the mood of humble disciples,
recognizing that every Acharyan or bhAgavatha, irrespective of kalai, is the
representative and example of Ramanuja Darshanam"  succinctly answered more
than the question that i raised.  how true indeed!   All paths lead to
Bhagavan and while some might be different from others, they are all valid
and not inferior to the rest.  
>i sincerely hope that this message is received in its proper spirit by all
regardless of their kalai or faith so that everyone feels that he/she is a
SriVaishnava first and last.
>I request your permission to submit this mail along with yours to the
Bhakti Group so that the discussions in future will be on the lines of how
to be a better SriVaishnava.
>Thanking you once again for your contribution and for providing clarity.
>adiYen Dasan
>Badrinarayanan VS
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