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Divya Prabandha PArAyaNam.

From: Krishnamachari, N. (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 11:36:18 PST

Dear BhAgavatottama-s:

By the grace of Lord VenkateSvara of Aurora Temple, Illinois, it is
planned to have a divya prabandha pArAyANa utsavam for 5 days (between
December 30th 97, and Jan. 3rd, 98) at the temple.  This is partly to
commemorate 12 years of  the Lord's presence at this kshetram to bless
us by His presence.  We plan to chant about 1500 of the 4000 pASurams
during these 5 days.  In addition, we plan to have pArAyANam of some of
the DeSika Stotrams.  There will also be muttangi sevai for the mUlavar
on 1st January in the temple.  On the 4th January, there will be
tirumanjanam for the mUlavar.  Many visitors have remarked that the
priests in the temple do an outstanding kainkaryam in the performance of
the thirumanjanam, as rarely seen even in India.  

The detailed program for the divya prabandha utsavam and other details
can be furnished to those devotees who can plan on attending.  We will
try our very best to arrange accommodations and meals for those devotees
who come from locations which are beyond the range of daily commute.  We
request those who can participate to make every effort to join, and
guide us in the successful execution of this kainmaryam for the Lord.

In order to facilitate these arrangements, it will be helpful if those
who can participate can contact one of the following members before
December 15th.  For additional information, you can contact any of the

R. Raghavan 847-548-7015 (
Venugopalan 414-421-6207 (
Ranganathan 847-776-7204 (
M. Srinivasan 630-963-1898 (
N. Krishnamachari 630-355-2848 (Home); 630-713-7193 (Work);