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The Divya prabhandhams

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Nov 20 1997 - 05:45:17 PST

Dear Members of the Bhakthi group :

Sri Mani Varadarajan's posting on the subject 
of the role of Divya Prabhandhams is most welcome
in clarifying the significance and sacredness of 
the bhakthi-laden outpourings of " the God- intoxicated
AzhwArs " in Sri Vaishnava Sampradhayam . Similar
objections have arisen over the past millineum 
and have been put to rest convincingly by our
AchAryAs , when similar miscomprehensions 
about the essential and complimentary role
of Divya Prabhandhams to Sanskritic VedAs .

The two VedAs are like two legs of a human being
and that human being can not hobble on one leg 
although he or she can operate with one leg and 
crutches to support themselves . It is not a 
comfortable or pleasing or fulfilling experience .

>From a dietary perspective, it is like an unbalanced
diet . 

Swami Desikan has defended the sanctity of the Divya 
Prabhandhams twice in his life and has been rewarded 
by Sri RanganathA and Sri VaradarajA for these services
in settling these disputes . Swami Desikan's
Thiruchinna Maalai is the direct "product " of such a
defense at Kaanchi . Unbroken is the AchAryA tradition that 
has established   the centrality and the significance of
Divya Prabhandham in the worship of Sriman NaarAyaNA
at home and at temples . 

When the divya prabhandha ghOshti goes in front
of the Lord during the processions on the raja veedhis
odf divya desams , and Veda PaarAyaNa ghoshti follows
Him , it appears like the Lord chasing after the 
divya prabhandhams of the AzhwArs and the VedAs
are chasing after Him .  

In conclusion , I just received 50 pages of the "sample "
of Sri PutthUr Swami's extraordinary compilation of the 
commentaries on Thiruvaimozhi by great AchAryas .
Even a superficial perusal makes it clear that the 
Vedic/Upanishadic and Divya Prabhandham 
references have eikakantyam or unison in 
their approach  to offer salutations to Sriman NaarAyANA 
in the most profound manner . I take the opportunity
to thank Srimans T.A. Varadhan , Sri Mohan Sagar and 
Sri S.Rengarajan for taking the initative to help 
Sri PutthUr Swami complete his  "herculean effort " 
on assembling the magnificient texts of commentaries
on Thiruvaimozhi by our revered AchAryAs . Support 
for that unique project is a 'must ' for all of us , who
treasure the divya prabhandhams as sacred and 
inspired utterances by those divine mystics dear 
to the Lord .

DasOham ,