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Don't Go away! Don't Leave me; I will not let You go

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Mon Nov 17 1997 - 21:13:20 PST

Dearest sisters and brothers,

	Again, NammAzhwAr- AzhwAr's pasurams are the MOST enjoyable; To
find the best is like taking out a spoonful of amirtham (nectar) and
calling it "the Best tastiest part"; However, we will see two more pAsurams
today, before diving into the sweet ocean of ThiruvAimozhi. 
maaRi maaRip pala piRappum piRandhu adiyai adaindhu uLLam thERi/
eeru il inbatthu iru veLLam yaan mmozhginEn/
paaRip paaRi asurar tham pal kuzhAngaL neeRu ezha paai paRavai onRu/
yERi veeRRiRundhAi unnai ennuL neekkEl enthAi/(2.6.8)

"From one to another, I have been undergoing various births; and finally I
have attained Your feet and my mind has become crystal clear; I am fully
floodded with Great Blissful ocean of Happiness; You jumped immediately,
boarded and sat on GarudA and killed the groups and groups of asurAs; My
pithA! Please do NOT separate Yourself from my mind."

yEREl Ezhum venRu yEr koL ilangaiyai/
neeRE seydha nedunj chudarch jOthi/
thEREl yennai un pon adi sErtthu ollai/
vERE pOga engnAnRum vidalE/

"You tamed and won over the Seven oxen; You burnt Ilanagi(Sri Lanka) to
ashes; Oh lustrous jOthi! Do NOT believe me! (I may change tomorrow and
forget You); Please take me to Your thiruvadi faster! Please never ever
separate Yourself from me!"

BhagavatOtthamALs! My dearest brothers and sisters, Such excellent pAsurams
only can enable us lift ourselves fully towards the Lotus Feet by their own
sheer strengths and meanings (with an iota of effort of ours, which also
arises with His Grace on us);

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam