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Come on in! Have some Hot, Sweet, Tasty "akkAra vadisal"

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Wed Nov 12 1997 - 21:13:04 PST

Dearest sisters and brothers,

	I am really excited. excited at the rich meanings of our GREAT
AZHWAR, NAMMAZHWAR's THIRUVAIMOZHI. I feel like yelling at every tom dick
and mary to read our azhwAr's pAsurams and get out of these worldly
troubles and problems with stressful lives. I feel like literally crying
ans bursting into tears with the sense of admiration, happiness and pride
for being blessed with an opportunity to read them in this birth at least!
Simply excellent and pregnant with great philosophical content. So nice
they are that I just cannot resist sharing my enjoyment with my dear ones;
You will like it so much that each one of you is going to ask for more of
this sweet "akkAra vadisal" and by His grace, let us eat and keep eating
and enjoy eating this GREAT FOOD (for our thought and digestion). "nei
peidhu muzhangai vazhivaara koodi irundhu". (Even if some of us are
suffering from Diabetes, we can still eat this sweet "akkAra vadisal" since
the Doctor Himself is He!. VaidhyO NararayaNO Hari:) Those who do not want,
raise your hands!

ThiruvAimozhi is "perumAL amudhu seidhu anubhavitthu Anandhittha
NammAzhwAr's akkAra vadisal". As per NammazhwAr, emperumAn Himself is
"akkAra vadisal". (I am serious!). He has said:
" mikkAr vEdha vimalar vizhungum en akkArak kaniyE!"
"kaRandha pAl neyyE! neyyin suvaiyE! kadalin amudhamE! amudhil
piRandha en suvaiyE! suvaiyadhu payanE! 
(nap)pinnai thOL manadha pEr AyA!
"thEnum pAlum kannalum amudhumAgi thitthitthu yen
oonil uyiril uNarvinil ninRa onRai uNarndhEnE!"

(If you still are looking for the meaning, I have failed in my attempt to
bring my ecstasy in you; Please let me know. I can write to you separately
the meaning- I want them to be in Tamizh only now)

That is why He is "akkAra vadisal" and so is azhwAr's pasuram!
ThiruvAimozhi is called "drAvida vEdha sAram", "senththamizh vEdham",
"AanRa thamizh maRaigaL Ayiram", etc.. That is why Sri vEdantha dEsikan
addressed as "theLiyAdha maRainilangaL theLiginRomE!: (through AzhwArs'
aruLiccheyelagaL, we understand the meanings of vEdhAs which otherwise are
difficult to comprehend)
For the taste, Just two handfuls of "akkAra vadisal" now for the time
being: (and Lord willing, let us eat the entire food (Aayiram) slowly and
steadily and digest their rich Ghee (meanings) in due course).

koL enRu kiLarndhu ezhundha perum selvam neruppu aaga/
koL enRu thamam moodum ivai enna ulaghu iyaRkai/
vaLLalE! maNIvaNNA! un kazhaRkE varum parisu/
vaLLal seidhu adiyEnai unadhu aruLAl vaangAyE/ (4.9.4)

"What sort of attitudes exist in this world! "Please take me" like that the
wealth keeps on approaching us and spreads like a fire and gets bigger and
bigger to destroy us completely; But still, even after knowing that we are
getting destroyed, we do not extinguish the fire; and on the contrary, we
let our mind direct us to acquire more and more wealth. Such a unique
("vichitramAna") attitude exists in this world!. O maNivaNNA! vaLLalE!
Please show mercy on me and bless me to let me reach your Lotus Feet and
serve You."

On the other hand, look at this pAsuram:

nambanai gnAlam padaitthavanaith thiru mArbhanai/
umbar ulaghinil yaarkkum uNarvu ariyaan thannaik/
kumbhi nakarargal yEtthuvarElum, avar kaNdeer/
yem pal piRappidaithORu em thozhu kulam thAngaLE/(3.7.8)

"emperumAn can be relied completely and is trustworthy; the one, who
created the entire universe and everything; the one, whi has ThirumagaL in
His chest; the one, who can not be seen and is a rarity for even the dEvAs
("mel ulagatthAr");  When such an emperumAn is praised and worshipped by
the one, who even if he commits sins and is interested in only "their
vayiRu"(stomach), he is worshippable God for all my births! Realise that."
says NammAzhwAr (to us). 

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

dAsan madhavakkaNNan