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Qualified Priests
Date: Wed Nov 12 1997 - 20:22:32 PST

I agree 100% with Sri Krishna Kalale's remark
about each city supporting one or more Srivaishnava
priests. Many temples have Srivaishnava priests
(more accurately Agamikas/Bhattars) and they are also
carryin out the work of Vadhyars to the best of their
ability. This is better than nothing.
Certainly any city with 200 or more Hindu families can
easily support a Vedic priest. 
In my experience, most Srivaishnavas have kept away
from active participation in local generic Hindu temple
affairs.  Based on my personal experience, active
involvement in local temple activities will ensure a
Srivaishnava  Bhattar in the temple which in turn 
will help the whole community for various samskarams.
This will be a starting point to get contacts with many other 
priests available here or in India. A community can certainly
support a priest even without the need to use the temple Bhattars.

Also, more people should come forward (just as Sri Krishna Kalale)
has offerred to help people in the community. Something is better than
nothing should be the spirit. I have in th epats conducted Shraadhams,
Grihapravesham etc. with nearly zero experience! We should be eager and open
help and participate. It is not that difficult- after all we all have
professional accomplishments. With a little training, almost any one of us
can do it.
The beauty of Sanskrit is such- If you know a little, you can pick up 
recitation of a lot. DO THE BEST WITH WHAT WE CAN. Also we should strive to
make available audiotapes and protocols. Putting ot on the internet- may be a
greta idea. This can be useful to many. In my experience, most temple
Bhattars have limited training in Vaadhyarthanam. Thanks to books written by
Sri Saragur M. Krishnamachar in Kannada script, many have been able to do. We
should work on getting the audio tapes to go with the book. 

K. sreekrishna (Tatachar)