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Sri T.R .Govindarajan's observations

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Nov 12 1997 - 19:06:42 PST

I agree with Sri T.R.Govindarajan's observation  .
Sunrise and sunset are crucial points in time for 
calculation of the Yogam , thithi , kaalam , kuLikai,
Yama kandam , selection of times free of dhOsham
for observance of subha kaaryams et al . All tie together 
in our sampradhAyam with the Sunrise and sunset . 
SandhyA Vandhanam done here connects to sunrise
here or wherever we are , be in Europe or Japan . 

Regarding NirdhOsha kaalams , it is generally coceded
that there is no thithi dhOsham at dawn , no nakshathra 
dhOsham during Abhijhit mUhUrtham ( Between 12and half to
fifteen naazhikai ) , no lagna dhOsham during sunset 
and no vaara dhOsham during night . 

GrahaNa tarpaNam is done on occasions of GrahaNam ,
which some times is seen in India and some times here
only . 

Thus , it apppears logical to fit into the local time 
and geographic parameters in defining our nithya,
Naimmitthika karmAs .