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Re: in need of a priest

From: T R Govindarajan (
Date: Tue Nov 11 1997 - 09:19:30 PST

Dear Sri Mohan Sagar,

Yesterday, I responded to you directly. I believe in Venkateswara Temple, in
Chicago there is a SriVaishnavite priest, Narayana Bhattar who is from
Bangalore. There are THREE Sri. Vaishnavite priests with Sri. Venkateswara
temple, Bridgewater, NJ. (Names: Tatacharya, Sampath Bhattar & Veeraraghavan).
Temple phone no: (908) 725-4477. There are TWO Sri. Vaishnavite priests
with the Hindu Temple in Flushing, New York (Ragahav Bhattar & Rengarajan).
Temple phone no: (718) 460-8484.

T. R. Govindarajan.