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Re: in need of a priest

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Nov 10 1997 - 10:00:01 PST

Dear Sri Mohan Sagar,

I put this on the net instead of directing only to you to highlight a point
to the people on the network.  It is clear from Mohan Sagar's email that
there is a dearth of qualified priests belonging to the srivaishnava
sampradaya.  Pretty soon our community in the USA has to do something about
this so that in each city atleast two priests are sponsored and invited to
stay in US.  One day this is going to happen. Hope it is soon enough.  We
have to organize well here in US regarding this.

Sri Mohan Sagar, Please try to find a suitable priest from srivaishnava
background.  If not possible, you may want to try a smartha pundit either
from chicago Balagi Temple in Aurora, Illinois,  Kris Krishnamachari of
this email network will know better regarding this temple. I you call Sri
Siva Vishnu Temple temple in Lemont Illinois.  There is another person from
madhva faith - pundit Raghavendra from san Diego - his number is
619-566-5644.  I am sure from cincinnati ohio there is another priest whom
another member of this net: Tatachar, knows about.  You have to make
enquiries to find this person.

If nothing works out,  I can myself perform a grihapravesham ceremony for
you to the extent of my knowledge, in a srivaishnava sampradaya. This is a
last resort just to state that you are covered.  A small 'if' is that I
have to go out of country in December.  I am not sure when it will be but I
can do my best to accomodate your request.  Please note that I am not a pro
and Mani Varadarajan who had a first hand experience regarding this at my
home for some other function will know better.  Bottomline is, I can get it
done if you have patience to tolerate a non-professional. 

At 06:18 AM 11/8/97 +0000, Mohan Sagar wrote:

>Dear bhAgavathas,
>I am happy to inform all of you that my wife, Madhuri, and I have just
>completed building and purchasing a new home.  We are interested in
>conducting a traditional grihapravEsham, and now seek help from all of you
>in this regard.  
>We have been working with Sri Narasimhan Bhattar of Sri Venkateswara Temple
>in Malibu, who fixed a date of December 6.  He was planning to officiate,
>but had to cancel because of some family matters that require him to
>lengthen his stay in India. 
>My wife and I have checked both in LA and in Pittsburgh for priests, to no
>avail.  Consequently, we are seeking the help and advice from those of you
>who may be knowing of a traditional SriVaishnava priest that can conduct
>this function.  We would still like to have the grhapravEsham be performed
>on the December 6, since several members of our family have already
>purchased airline tickets to attend.
>Please reply at your earliest convenience, so that we may work out the
>details with the priest and his temple quickly.
>Thank you.