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pEyAzhwAr thirunakshathram

Date: Sun Nov 09 1997 - 04:18:48 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers of Bhakti Group,

Let us pray obeisance to one of the Great MudhalAzhwAr's, pEyAzhwAr, who
was a param bhakthA of Sriman NarayaNa. He composed MoonRam thiruvandhAdhi,
hundred pAsurams after being blessed with Thiruvikraman's ThirumEni
darsanam. He atrted off with A GRAND "THIRUKKANDEN PONMENI KANDEN....".

SeerAru mada thirukkoviloor athauL/ kArAr karu mudhalaik kANappukku/
orAt thirukkaNdEn enRu uRaitha seerAn kazhalE uraikkaNdAi nenjE! ugandhu.

In the lovely Thorukkoiloor, where the Lord appears with the colour of the
rain bearing clouds, experiencing an intimate closeness and love with Him,
our pEyAzhwAr has given us the pAsurams"ThirukkaNdEn pon mEni kaNdEn.." in
andhAdhi style. By protarting and meditating on the feet of this pEyAzhwAr,
O mind! you can derive ultimate Divine ecstasy.

He was called pEy for his parama bhakti for the Lord and he was
concentrating on Him so much (Even now, if someone studies very hard for
the exam, we say "pEy maadhiri padikkiRaan"- The intensity is described as
pEy). The intensity of our pEyAzhwAr's love and bhakti was such that
without this anubhavam, he would die like a fish out of water.

pEyAzhwAr thiruvadigaLe saraNam

Ram Ram

AdiyEn madhavakkaNNan