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Biographies of AzhwArs- conclusion

Date: Tue Nov 04 1997 - 20:52:36 PST

Respected Sri VaishNavALs,

It has been an excellent experience (at least for me) to have travelled
with you all and enjoyed the lives and Bhakti rasam of our AzhwArgaL. From
what I heard, read from books (also from Bhakti Archives), I blabbered. It
was raw, crude, elementary (sometimes half baked and wrong) writings. But
Divya dampatis corrected them through your eyes and hearts and made you
appreciate them. You all made me felle embarassed at your appreciating me
and at times I felt even guilty for duping you all. Stalwarts and scholars
like Sri VS, Sri AR, Sri SR, Prof VasudhA Narayanan were all kind enough to
send words of encouragement and appreciation; In fact, on the contrary, I
never expected them to even read my posts for their poor quality. 

Thanks is too simple a word to pack my feelings and I will keep blabbering
and Divya dampatis, I hope will keep helping me (from your hearts- atleast
this ensures that They STAY IN YOUR HEARTS!)

Ram Ram

adiyEn madhava dAsan

P.S. There were requests thru" private e-mails to post transliteration
(Which I will flick from VaishNava Home page of Sri MaNi- Thanks mani) and
meanings for AMALANAADHIPIRAAN. I am intending to post shortly.