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MaNavALa Maamuni Birth day

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Nov 04 1997 - 06:01:54 PST

Dear Bhakthi group members :

The coming days are full of celebration 
relating to the many AcharyAs and AzhwArs 
birthdays . Today is the day for celebrating
the great and compassionate AchArya ,
Sri MaNavALa Mamuni . 

Few days ago , I started a special project 
to go along with the kaimkaryam that Sri Varadan
and Sri Mohan Sagar along with Sri Rengarajan 
have launched to participate in the Kaimkaryam of 
Sri PutthUr Swami .

The project is about the creation of two audio tapes .
One is on MaNavALa Maamuni and his lineage ,
aruLIccheyalgaL in English mixed with quotations
from his works in Sanskrit and Tamil . I will write the
text in English . I need some one to read it and make
a audio tape. My taping facilities are not the best .

The other is about the life and works of Swami Sri Desikan .
That tape has been completed and is an elaboration of 
the short talk I gave at the last SDDS meeting at 
Pomona , New York entitled " Swami Desikan and
Thiruvaheendrapuram " .  It has a wide coverage of his works 
especially those originated from Thiruvaheendrapuram . 
It has meanings of MummaNikkOvai , Thirumangai's
paasurams on Thiruvaheendrapura " Natha Satya ,
Achyutha Para Brahmam " . I have recoreded it already .

My hope is to raise soem funds from the sale of these 
tapes to cover the existing needs of the two kaimkaryams:

1. Sri Putthur Swami's publications on pending works.
2. Sri Bhumi Devi's MaaNiccka Kondai samarpaNam,
now moved to Sri Vaikunta Ekadasi day due to 
the need for some more funds ( 3 Lakhs ) to translate the
design for it with the best of gold smiths . We hope to raise 
2.5lakhs in India . We need only 50K rupees from here .

We will price these tapes at 10$ apiece and I encourage
you to buy for your family and friends to give as presents 
as the Holiday season approaches . 

I have also completed the taping on Pancha Raama KshEthrams 
as enjoyed by the AzhwArs and  AchAryAs . These include 
every paasuram on Sri Ramachandra presidng over the
divya sthalams : AyOddhi , ThiruveLLiangudi ,
ThiruppuLLambhUthamkudi , ThiruveLLUr and 
Thirupputtkuzhi . I will be happy to make them available 
for additional fund raising if there is interest in this 
audio project .

Many of you commute to work and back .
You can listen to Bhagavadh Vishayam 
as you spend the time between your home and 
work .

These audio tapes hopefuilly will compliment the
much-awaited CD ROM project on 108 Divya Desams 
under the leadership of Sri Dileepan , who had the 
sowbhAgyam of touring the 106 divya desams 
this summer . 

AcharyaaL , AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 
Oppiliappan koil Varadachari Sadagopan