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thiruvAymozhi vyAkyANam sponsor project - part 4

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Sun Nov 02 1997 - 20:35:30 PST

The past three postings have just briefly touched on the vast contributions
of Sri Putthur Swami in preserving and propogating the riches of our
satsAmpradayam.  By Perumal's Grace, interested members of this forum have
the opportunity to perform kainkaryam to this noted scholar by providing him
with the financial support necessary to complete his unprecedented vyAkyAnam
of thiruvAymozhi.

In this posting, we would like to present some information on Thondarkulam, 
the non-profit organization to which checks should be sent.

We are happy and honored to say that this sponsorhip project for Sri Putthur
Swamigal is the first kainkaryam activity of what has been, up until now, a
relatively quiet SriVaishnava forum, Thondarkulam.

Thondarkulam was formed in August, 1996, under the direction and guidance of
HH Sri Tridandi SrimanNarayana Ramanuja Jeear.  The objective of this forum
is to promote and support traditional SriVaishnava activities and
organizations both in India and here in the US, irrespective of "kalai" or
mutham, in the spirit of bhagavad and bhAgavatha kainkaryam.  

Thondarkulam's first project involves serving as a conduit for providing
funding for Sri Puthur Swami, and making necessary arrangements to provide
his set of books on thiruvAymozhi to the sponsors here in the US.  A future
project is being planned to make English tranliteration/tranlations of
SriVaishnava works available for our younger generation.

We welcome participation from all you of you in this kainkaryam oriented
organization.  Please contact Mohan Sagar ( or T A
Varadhan ( for more information on Thondarkulam and how
you can participate in our activities.  We would also welcome your
suggestions for future projects.

Now, for the finances required for this kainkaryam:

Total anticipated cost for the last 5 paththus (centuries) = 10 lakh rupees.
The Central government has promised 50% of the cost i.e. 5 lakhs.
So, the net amount remaining is 5 lakhs (approx. 1 lakh per century),
which is approx. 14300 dollars (35 Rs to a dollar).

The plan is to sponsor one century at a time - i.e. once we have enough
money (approx. 2900 dollars) for one century, we will send it to Sri.
puththUr swami. Right now, Sri.puththUr swami is ready to publish the
6th century - he has all the materials assembled ready to go.
The only thing that is in his way is the money.

We already have (either have the money, or have committments for) 2200
dollars. So, for the 6th decade, the balance required is 700 dollars.

Once the thiruvaaymozhi centuries are published, we will make arrangements
to get them distributed. We also will make arrangements to bring other
books by SriVaishnava Achaaryaas here, and distribute them. 

This week is an important week for all SriVaishnavaas -
November 4th is the thirunakshatram of one of the most revered and loved
SriVaishnava aachaaryas - Sri MaNavaaLa maamunigaL. 
November 7,8 and 9th are the thirunakshattirams of the mudhal aazhwaars.
We request that all of you think about this this week, and make committments
to the kainkaryam.

Once again, we invite all of you to participate in this kainkaryam to publish 
one of the most important prabhandhams along with all the commentaries
of our poorvaachaaryas. We can also mail samples (the first paasuram of
thiruvaaymozi - about 50 pages) if you would like to take a look at them.

Please send donations (checks made payable to Thondarkulam)to:

c/o Mohan R Sagar
3708 South Truckee Way
Aurora  CO  80013

azhwAr emperumAnAr jeear thiruvadigalE saranam

Mohan & Varadhan