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Raghuveera Gadhyam: Yuddha Khaandham--Part 3

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Nov 29 1996 - 19:16:20 PST

Dear Rama Bhakthaas :

After revealing his Sarveswarathvam through 
the decalaration of his position that he can not 
refuse anyone , who sought his refuge, Rama
commands Sugreeva to bring VibhishaNaa before him.
The words of Ramaa to Sugreevaa before commanding him
are great ones to reflect upon. Swami Desikan was so moved 
by them that he saluted Raghuveeran three times for his courage and 
firmness in his sworn duty to protect SaraNaagathas without
fail.  He saluted Rama as " Sakruth Prapanna jana SamrakshaNa 
Deekshitha ! Jaya Jaya (GS 49 ) , Veera ! Jaya , Jaya ! ( GS 50 ) ,
and Sathya Vratha ! Jaya ! Jaya ! (GS 51). 

These  great words of Rama  spoken for the benefit of Sugreevaa 
that elated Swami Desikan deserve serious study by all of us  :

" Be he malevolent or otherwise, this VibhishaNaa is incapable 
of doing even the subtles tof mischief to me in any manner. I can ,
if I wish , destroy with my finger tip all the ogres , dhanavaasnad
Yakshaas on earth .... In the name of humanity, one should not
strike even an enemy arrived at one's door and seeks piteously
protection with joined palms... An enemy seeking protection 
against his enemies , be he distressed or (even ) proud , should 
be protected (even) at the cost of one's life by one , who has controlled 
his mind. .. If rom fear or folly, or even from desire (of some gain ) , 
a man does not protect a refugee according to his capacity, the sin
incurred by him is despised in the world. .. (nay ) if a refugee
(who sought protection ) persihes before the eyes of the man ,
who is capable to protect him , the former (refugee) takes away 
all his (the would-be protector's ) merrit (puNyam) ... Such a failure
shuts out heaven, brings infamy and puts an end to one's strength 
and virility.... I therefore vouchsafe security all living beings to him
who comes to me only once and seeks protection from me, declaring
" I am Yours, Please protect me" . That is my vow. "

The key passage in Raamaa's discussion with SugreevA is as follows :

" SakruthEva prapannaaya tavaasmeethi cha YachatE I 
abhayam sarvabhoothEbhyO dadhaamyEthadh vratham mama" 

These  words of SaraNaagatha Rakshaka  , Sri Ramaa spoken 
at the sea side to Sugreevaa and VibhishaNaa and HanumAn and 
the other monkey counsellors should serve as a beacon for us in our
deha Yaatraa on this earth . 

Swami Desikan was rightfully moved therefore by these uplifting 
declaration of Sri Ramaa and saluted him as Veera , Satya Vratha
and Sakruth Prapanna SamrakshaNa Deekshitha ! 

Ramaa has such prowess that he will not let any Prapanna 
have fear after performing SaraNaagathi to him. There is no one
who matches the Lord in that display of power and quickness 
to rush to the rescue of the Prapanna in distress. That unique 
vow to protect the prapannaas moved Swami Desikan to 
salute Ramaa as Veeraa . Actually, Swami chose  the name of   
Mahaa Veera Vaibhavam for this Gadhyam with this fact in mind.

Swami also saluted Ramaa as "Sathya Vratha " in this series of 
salutations. For many years, Swami lived at Thiruvahindrapuram .
The name of the archaa murthy there is Achyuthan , Natha Satyan .
Achyuthan refers to the Lord's vow not to abandon anyone , who has 
sought his refuge. Achyutha is the 101st Sahasra Naamam of
VishNu. Paraasara Bhattar comments on this name Achyuthaa
this way : " tEbhya: PrapannEbhya: na apagatha: Achyutha: ".
( He is never away from those , who sought refuge in him ". 
That is his Deekshaa (Sworn vow ) as Satya Vrathaa. The sruthis
declare his Svarupam as Brahman this way : " Satyam Jnaanam
anantham Brahmaa" . In Dasaavathara sthotram , Swami follows this
line of thought and describes Ramaa as the embodiment of Dharmam
(DharmO VigrahavAn ) and goes on to focus on His central 
kalyANa guNam as " Sarvaavastha sakruth Prapanna Jana
SamrakshaNaika vrathee ". These are the thoughts  that echo in his 
49th Gadhya salutation : " Sakruth prapanna jana SamrakshaNa 
Deekshitha ! Jaya ! Jaya ! " He just does not provide RakshaNam, 
but he offers SamrakshaNam . He protects the Prapannas very well
indeed ! He placed VibhishaNaa not only on the throne of Lankhaa ,
but he gave him also Sri Ranganatha , the Ishvaaku Kula Daivam 
to worship.Even today during every Amaavaasyaa day , he offers his
darsanam and shows his beautiful /majestic gait  to VibhishaNaa 
at the Divya Desam (Ashtaakshari Ksethram ) revered as ThirukkaNNapuram .

Such is his Dayaa for the PrapannAs and His Deekshaa to 
protect them .

Raama Raama Dayaa sindhO RavaNaarE JagathpatE I
Tvath paada kamalaasakthi : BahvE janmani janmani II

Sri VaishNava Daasan ,

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan