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amalanaadhipiraan & thiruvaaymozhi

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 12:31:48 PST

	Apart from the beauty of the thamizh literature in the naalaayiram,
	it is the 'sri vaishNavic' vyaakyaanams and the inherent devotional
	aspect in them which adds endless taste to this akkaarak kani! 

	In thiruppaaNaazhwaar's amalanaadhipiraan, an interesting thing to
	notice is the first three pasurams. They start with "a", "u", and
	"ma" the ingredient phonemes of the sacred "Om". Most of us would
	have known this. 

	Another interesting observation is this: 
	perumaaL yearns for an association with his bhakthaas. HE considers
	that to be HIS prime happiness. HE does whatever he could to get his
	bhakthaas come to him. That is why he attempts to show his anantha
	kalyaaNa guNaNGgaL thro his archaavathaaram which is why it is
	considered very important among the five states.

	This concept is expressed in the first two paasurams of
	amalanaadhipiraan. The first one says 
	kamala paathamvan^ then_kaNNi
	 NnuLLana vokkinRathE"

	 and the second one says
	sivantha aadaiyin mElsenRa
	 thaamen sinthanaiyE."

	 On expanding them 

	 kamala paatham vandhu en kaNNiNnuLLana uvakkiNnRathE
	Your lotus feet came to me and was a feast to my eyes and my

	arai sivandha aadaiyinmEl seNnRathaam en sindhaNnaiyE
	My thoughts went towards the beautiful dress that you are wearing.
	The interesting point here is the order in which aazhwaar explains
	In his very first paasuram, aazhwaar says perumaaL's sacred feet
	"came" towards him. (He didn't go for it.) It is perumaaL's wish and
	His happiness and thats why HE sent his thiruvadigaL to the
	aazhwaar. Upon receiving it only did aazhwaar's thoughts "Go"
	towards him. By this our poorvaachaaryars explain that perumaaL is
	the one who initiates this devotion in us. He is more interested in
	coming to us and getting us to Him!! 

	In thiruvaaymozhi 8.8.3, nammaazhwaar says 
	uNarvi lumpa roruvanai
	  avana tharuLaa luRalporuttu,en
	  uNarvi NnuLLE yiruththinEn
	    athuvum avana thinnaruLE,

	(Just cut & pasted from our transliteration- pardon me for any
	mistakes in it)

	aazhwaar says in the last two lines from above
	uNarvin uLLE iruththiNnENn
	=>  i held Him in my heart/soul
	Then quickly aazhwaar points out that it is not as if he (aazhwaar)
	out of his effort did this ... and says
	adhuvum avaNnadhu iNnNnaruLE
	=>  That is also because of HIS grace. 
	HE (the perumaaL) is the one who wants to be in the heart of His

	These are just some thoughts (most of which is from sri vELukkudi
	krishNan's kaalakshEbams).. I would be happy if somebody who has a
	better understanding discuss paasurams from naalaayiram in detail in
	this sath saNGgam....

	rukmiNi samEdha sri paarthasaarathi swaami thiruvadigaLE charaNam

	(Vijay Triplicane)