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Sundara KhAndham & Raghu Veera Gadhyam

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Nov 24 1996 - 16:53:39 PST

GS 47: 

apAra pArAvAra parighaa parivrutha dhava dahana
javana pavana bhava kapivara parishvanga bahvitha 
Sarvasva DhAna ! Jaya ! Jaya !

Rama's power to bless one with every kind of Iswaryam
including Moksham is covered by Swami Desikan here. 

(Meaning ) : O Lord , who embraced HanumAn with joy over 
the good tidings of locating Sita's place of incarceration by  
the evil RavaNA and for bringing back the KaNaiAzhi as Sita"s
token of her love for Rama ! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee! 
You expressed your special affection to the successful HanumAn , 
who jumped over the ocean with great velocity . 
That ocean  served as a formidable moat for the kingdom of RavaNA 
to prevent anyone from entering the kingdom with ease .
You held Hanuman tightly in your arm for returning safely with
good news after setting the city of Lankha on fire with audacity
and giving RavaNA a taste of things to come. The fire set by 
HanumAn spread like wild fire and destroyed a significant 
section of the capital of RavaNA . You were so proud of HanumAn
for his heroic deeds that you embraced him affectionately and
through that embrace conferred on him every type of wealth 
and blessings ( Sarvasva DhAna ) . 

Sri VaishNava Daasan ,

Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan