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Alwar's Krishna Vaibhavam - Dance Drama

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Nov 22 1996 - 08:03:01 PST

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

Yesterday (Nov. 21, 1996), the devotees of Lord Krishna in the town of Buffalo 
were immersed in ecstatic joy watching the dance-drama on Krishna-Vaibhavam.  
The soul stirring verses of Alwars provided the back drop for this magnificent 
program.  The exuberant imagery portrayed in the pasurams were wonderfully 
captured by Prof. Nagaswami and his troupe.  The young children who played the 
role of Andal and Nappinai reminded me of the incident where Ramanujacharya was 
greatly moved by the sight of a young girl (Periya Nambigal's daughter?) 
opening the door for his Biksha while he was reciting the 'Undu 
Madhagallitran..' pasuram.

The program started with "Pallandu..". It moved on to depict little Krishna as 
the darling of the Gopis (Kaiyum KAlum Nimmithhy...; Mannikkam Katti Pavazhavai 
Thalelo..).  Next, the Kaalinga Nardhanam was excellently done.  It moved on 
further to depict Krishna as a naughty boy stealing the clothes of Gopis.  
Andal's VAranamayiram and finally the dance-drama concluded portraying Lord 
Krishna as Parama Purusha and the entire universe standing in Sarira-Saririn 
relation with Him.  The colorful costumes, the innocent faces of the charming 
young children, the melodious music have all created an indellible impression 
on the minds of people here.  It was an evening that I would not like to 
exchange with anything less than 'Moksha'.