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Re: SrI SailESa dayA pAtram

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Nov 21 1996 - 11:27:31 PST

If I may offer yet another translation:

I offer my salutations to ramya jAmAtR muni,
the object of the mercy of Sri Sailesa, who
is an ocean of auspicious qualities beginning
with jnAna and bhakti, and who was supremely
devoted to Ramanuja.

ramya jAmAtr muni is a literal translation of
``azhagiya manavaaLa jeeyar'', the name in
sannyAsa ashrama of ManavaaLa MaamunigaL. Of course,
azhagiya manavaaLan is also the name of Lord
Ranganatha in utsavar form.  The bridegroom of
us all.

yatIndra is Ramanuja.  Others have already
commented on the name Sri Sailesa, MaamunigaL's
acharya thiruvaaymozhi piLLai.