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Sri Sudarshan"s postings on VeghA sethu stotram

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Nov 21 1996 - 07:11:00 PST

Dear Members of the Bahkthi group :

I can not but marvel at the fertile imagination ,
extraordinary vocabulary and the rich analytical skills
of Sri Sudarshan . His intrepretations of Swami Desikan's
work are original and thought provoking. Like the Latin mass,
however moving it might be to the devout  people of the catholic
faith , they can appreciate that more if they understand the meaning 
of that text and adapt it to address the problems of life.

Similarly , inspite of the beauty of the sacred Sanskrit literature,
they can leave us  cold unless we understand and connect 
them to our lives  and the problems of the community.

In saint's lives, what they said at times of different crisis that they 
faced are very important for us to reflect . Same with Saint Thyagaraja
and the messages in his krithis at times of acute stresses he
experienced in his saadhanaa. 

In summary, I welcome and commend the efforts of Sri Sudarshan's
invigorating analysis to give a modern twist to the ancient and timeless
contributions of Swami Desikan .


P.S ; Sri Sudarshan has  sent me an advanced  copy of his 
analysis of Abheethi Stavam . That again has some fresh 
insights from the modern point of view. I would encourage him 
to share it with others , which I think he wants to do later.