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Raghu Veera Gadhyam:Aaranya Khaandham--Part 2

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Nov 16 1996 - 19:58:25 PST

Dear Rama BhakthAs  :

This morning I had the good fortune to listen to the 
entire RamAshtaka Krithis of Dikshitar 
rendered by  the NadhopasanA group.
This tape was  presented to me by a dear member of  
the Bhakthi group . After I heard the Jyothi SwarupiNi raga Krithi 
on Sri Rama , It was clear that I had  to return to DandakAranyam 
to enjoy the anubhavam of  Swami Desikan today  about 
the mighty valorous deeds of the Kodhanda PaaNi there .

GS 32 :dhushaNa jalanidhi soshaNa toshitha rishigaNa 
goshitha vijaya goshaNa ! Jaya! Jaya !

O Raghuveeraa who dried the  ocean  of the night-stalker  by the name 
of DhushaNa by the firey arrows leaving form Your Kodhandam ! The assembly 
of sages thrilled by witnessing Your power as a supreme archer 
raised to sky level their eulogies to celebrate Your victory .

DhusaNa was the general of Khara , the brother of SurpaNakA . 
DhushaNa marched his army of 14,000 ogres from Janasthanam
to Panchavati to attack and kill Rama as per his Master's orders.
Rama killed first the entire army of 14,000 ogres and confronted
DhusaNa in battle. Rama broke the bow of DhushaNa , killed his 
charioter as well as his  horses and then lopped off the mace -wielding 
hand of the ogre and killed him too . All the sages  witnessing 
this fierce battle were thrilled at the sight of Rama's extraordinary valour 
and hailed him as a supreme hero. They  filled the sky with thankful
to recognize Rama's victory . Adi Kavi says in this context :" Saadhu Saadhu
ithi Kaakuthstham sarva bhoothAnyapoojayan "( all beings present at
the battle field acclaimed Sri Rama saying "well done ! Bravo ! ). Swami Desikan
follows this line of Srimad RaamAyaNam to state that the assembled 
rishis made the Vijaya GoshaNam . 

GS 33: kharatara Khara taru kantana chanta pavana ! 

O Lord who was like a fierce cyclone(chanta maarutham )
 in breaking in to two the fierce tree named Khara . 
The ferocious Khara upset over the destruction of Trisiras, 
DhushaNan and his huge army by Rama attacked latter . 
Rama broke him in the battle like a swift wind 
would break a tall tree into two pieces . Thus in 
the course of one and half hours Rama destroyed Khara ,
his two genarals and the army of 14,000 ogres. Swami Desikan's 
mind is still absorbed with that mighty prowess of Raguveeran .
Hence , he goes on to add two more salutations to celebrate
Rama's victory at Panchavati . 

GS 34 : Dvisaptha raksha: sahasra naLavana vilolana mahAkalabha !
Jaya! Jaya ! 

O Hero  who destroyed the tall grass of 14,000 RakshasAs 
just as a powerful elephant destroys a forest of swamp grass .
Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee! 

GS 35 : asahAya Sura ! Jaya! Jaya! 

Hail to Thee O great hero who does not need the support of anyone else 
in Your battles ! You destroyed single handedly Kahara , DhushaNa , 
Trisaras and their retinue of fourteen thousand warriors  in the battle 
at Panchavati right in front of Your ParNasAla. There is no one to mavh
Your heroism in battles . 

GS 36 : anapAya SAhasa ! Jaya ! Jaya ! 

It is daring act indeed  to take on all these fierce rakshsAs 
in battle and to crown that act by emerging victorious at the 
end of this terrific battle . Your daring and courage is indeed 
unmatched .Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee !

GS 37 : mahita mahAmrutha darsana mudhita mythilee 
dhrutatara parirambhaNa vibhava viropitha vikata viravraNa !
Jaya! Jaya! 

O Raghuveeraa! You stood firm in your battle with the thousands of
RakshasAs headed by the dangerous Khara and became victorious.
All the sages and the DevAs acclaimed You as supreme hero .
Your consort also  witnessed this fierce battle  and was joyous 
over your victory . She was thrilled to see your extraordinary skills in 
the battle field. She was overwhelmed by her feelings of pride about
you and embraced You tightly to congratulate You on Your victory .
At that time Your proud chest was covered with the wounds resulting from
the just-ended battle. Your consort 's embrace representing her present 
to you acted as though it was a  fomentation for Your wounds to 
heal them . Hail to Thee O Raghu Veera ! Hail to Thee! 

Adi Kavi describes this scene of the expression of Joy and 
affection by Sita to her victorious husband . He says : " Seeing her 
husband , who had made short work of His enemies and brought 
happiness to the sages , Sita ( a princess of Videha desam ) felt rejoiced 
and embraced Him. Nay, transported with supreme facility to see 
the hordes of ogres killed , the daughter of Janaka felt gratified
to find Sri Rama whole. Then closely embracing once more that 
destroyer of the ogre hordes -- the daughter of Janaka felt rejoiced ,
her countenance lit with joy ." 

Sri Sitaa Rama ParabrahmanE nama:

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan