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DayA/anukampA : NammAzhwAr& Swami Desikan-Part 6.2

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 18:30:36 PST

sarveshAm kila dharmANAm uttamO vaishnavO vidhi :I
rakshatE bhagavAn VishNu : bhakthAnAm aatma sariravath II

Dear BhakthAs of ThiruvenkatamudaayAn : 

In the section 5.2 , AzhwAr performs pallAndu to Sri VaishNava
Samriddhi or the growth of the VaishNava  assemblies . He suggests 
that one is really existing by attaining VaishNavathvam. Otherwise ,
he becomes nonexistent ( Abhoothan ) or it does not matter whether 
he exists or not. He goes on to state that as a result of 
the VaishNava samriddhi , the distinction between parama Padham 
and samsAram has  disappeared . The kritha Yuga Dharmam of 
VaishnaVam has become abundant as a result of
people understanding the Paratvam of Sriman NaarAyanA . 
AzhwAr reveals that one should worship those converted by one
as VaishNavas ( Mevi Thozhudhu uyyumin neerE ) .NammaazhwAr 
states that all of this auspicious developments happened because of 
Lord's DayA arising out of his deep concern for the suffering chetanAs .
He removes the sins of the chetanAs ( agha Vimatanam ) and 
descends down to save those suffering souls.

AzhwAr conveys the message of the following slokam :

yatra ashtAkshara samsiddhO mahA bhAghO mahIyatE I
na tatra sancharishyanthi vyAdhi dhurbhiksha taskarA: II

( In the regions where AshtAksharam is recited , there will 
be no diseases, famine or thefts. As  a result of the abundance 
of those BahgavathAs reciting the sacred mantram of the Lord,
the unrighteous Kali Yugam will take on the features of the 
righteous Krutha Yugam  ) .

In the section 5.4 , Azhwaar according to Swami Desikan's
analysis in Dramidopanishad SAram   celebrates the Daya
aspect that makes Him take the Vow (DheekshA ) of protecing
this world and its beings ( Jagath RakshaNam ) . IN section 5.5 , 
Azhwar reminds us according to Swami Desikan's Dramidopanishad 
Taatparya RatnAvaLi that the Lord out of His compassion for the BhakthAs
never leaves their  minds . He  resides there permanently.

Section 5.7 is a grand statement on the Daya of the Lord , which 
casts Him in the role of Akinchana SaraNyan . He is the Aapath
Bhandavan and Deena SaraNyan. These Pasurams are about 
Thothadri Nathan of Srivaramangai( noRRa nOnbilEn., nuNNarivilEn).

Here , AzhwAr describes his state as a weak one without the strength
obtained through the practice of karma or Jnana yogam. As a 
result , he does not  have the prerequisite to seek Bhakthi Yogam. 
He  says that his own diagnosis of his grave deficiencies make 
him fearful about his salvation prospects. Hence  , he cries out loud and 
pleads urgently to the Lord to have daya  for his state and count him for 

 AzhwAr states here emphatically that he has  not performed
any sadhanAs and is not competent to perform them. I have developed  
a taste for You and You must help me. The Lord comes to the rescue 
after that sincere pleading of the AzhwAr and prayer to receive his 
lovable service to Him. In a spirit of joy from the realization of his 
prayers being answered by the DayALu , AzhwAr says : " O Lord !
You have come and occupied my heart as if it is the most preferred 
residence for You. It is marvellous. Please do not leave me at all ".

AzhwAr concludes this section of the fifth decad with a magnificient 
statement on the essence of SaraNAgathi. ParAsara Bhattar comments 
this way on the pasuram 5.7.10 : " O Lord of Srivaramangai ! You taught me
that I must cling to Your feet as Upaaya. This UpAya will propell me
to my goal. What  return shall I render You for having helped me 
with this enlightenment ? If I were to place my soul at Your disposal ,
as a kind of gratitude, that soul is already Yours from time immemorial !
O Daivanayaka of Srivaramangai ! WHAT CAN I SURRENDER TO YOU 

Section 5.8 houses the famous pasurams on Thirukkudanthai 
AarAvamudhan ( aarAvamudE adiyEn udalam--), 
which are the ones  associated with the effort of  Nada Muni to recover 
the lost nAlaiyira divya Prabhandhams with the help of NammAzhwAr
at Thirukkurungudi . Swami Desikan points out in his Dramidopanishad
Saaram that these paasurams celebrate His  svarasa krutha daasya bhavam.
(i-e) out of His compassion for the BhakthAs , he makes their love for Him 
delectable (Bhogyam ) . 

Section 5.9 deals with His AnyOnyam and His proximity to the BhakthAs
to protect them quickly. These paasurams are addressed to the Lord 
of ThiruvallavAzh , which I have covered in my postings on the MalayALa
divya desam series. In paasuram 5.9.10 , AzhwAr uses the word 
AruL four times , each time meaning yet another aspect of His Daya
and grace. They  refer to His KrupA , Vaatsalyam, KaruNaa and Preethi .

In the concluding section of this decad beginning with " PiranthavArum 
VaLarnthavArum--" , Azhwar celebrates the Energy -giving daya of 
the Lord, when one is overcome by the SamsAric ills. He recognizes the 
Lord as the Sakthi Prathan according to Swami Desikan .  In pAsuram
5.10.8 , AzhwAr movingly salutes the magnificient Daya of the Lord this
way : " Whenever I hear about your heroic deeds, my heart melts 
in emotional attachment to You . My eyes  shed streams of tears.
This tenderness on my part is because of my realization of what 
you have been all along doing for the whole of mankind 
and the world. ".

Thirukuruhoor SatakOpan Thiruvadigaleh SaraNam 

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan