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Daya/Anukampa : Nammazhwaar& Swami Desikan--Part 3

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Nov 11 1996 - 14:42:01 PST

Dear Members ofthe Bhakthi group : 

In this posting , I will cover the second Decad of 
Thiruvaimozhi to illustrate examples of AzhwAr"s 
anubhavam of the Daya of the Lord.

AzhwAr focuses here on the concepts that Sriman Narayanan 
The fourth, fifth , sixth and seventh sections of this Patthu are considered
important references to the Daya of the Lord. 

2.4.1 : ADIYAADI AHAM KARAINTHU -----Here , the mother of ParAnkusa Nayaki
addresses the Lord . Inspite of the mother's tone of complaint about the 
treatment accorded by the Lord to her daughter , the message that comes 
out is that Sriman NarayaNan has the kalyaNa guNam of ASRITHA VYSANA
NIGRAHATVAM . He is known for His quality of removing the sorrows 
of those , who have sought refuge in Him .

 Swami Desikan states that the message of pasuram , 
aspect of the Lord . Thus , He is deeply focussed on protecting His
Asritha Janams out of his Dayaa GuNam and Anukampaa for them.

In 2.4.10 ( YEZHAI PETHAI -- ), Swami Desikan points out that 
quality  . His  VYAKTHA KEERTHI ( manifest fame ) is that 
he is  ASRITHA VYASANA NIGRAHAN ( Banisher of the tribulations of 
those , who sought refuge at His holy feet ) . He protects ( Rakshithaaram )
the Satprekshaa ( that clear understanding of the Paratvam of 
the Lord by the  Righteous ones gained form their  study of Saasthraas ) ..

In 2.5 decad (ANTHAAMATTHU ANBU --)  , Sriman Narayana"s ASRITHA 
SAMSLESHA PRIYAM out of His KaruNa for the asrithaas is covered 
according to Swami Desikan . Azhwaar exults in the experience of 
union with the Lord , who out of His magnanimous KaruNaa 
united with the longing Azhwaar . 

IN decad 2.6 ( VAIKUNTHAA -- ) , MaNavALa Maamuni points out 
that the Lord was filled with Joy , when Azhwaar declared that 
he will not leave the Lord's feet  even for  a moment . The Lord seems to 
have become stronger as a result of that declaration of the 
Ananya Bhakthi of Azhwaar. Swami Desikan has similar views
in Taatparya RatnaavaLi and states ther  that the Lord is 
ASRITHA VIRAHA SAKITHAN . The Lord can not bear the thought of 
separation from His Bhakthas due to his Daya and Anukampa for them .
Swami Desikan describes the state of the Lord in Dramidopanishad
Saaram as SVAVAIMUKHYA TRASTHAN (i-e) , The Lord is afraid
as to whether the Bhakthan will not show his face and stay
away from Him. That is the extent of Anukampa for the Bhakthaas.

In decad 2.7 (KESAVAN TAMAR-- ) , the Lord's Compassion and 
KaruNaa is refereed to .  MaNavALa Maamuni intreprets the central
message of this section this way : The Lord confers auspiciousness
on seven generations that went ahead of the Bhaktha and the seven
generations coming after the Bhaktha . In both Taatparya RatnaavaLi 
and Dramidopanishad  Saaram , Swami Desikan has similar thoughts.
Swami states that the Lord's compassion for the bhaktha extends beyond 
the Bhaktha to latter's family and friends ( SUHRUTH OF AASRITHA 

It has been our tradition not to have Archana, Ghanta sevanam ( Using the 
bell in service ) and playing of instruments like Nathasawaram., while
Thiruvaimozhi or other portions of Naalaaiyra Divya Prabhandham 
are  recited infront of the Lord. The reason has been given that the Lord 
ha so much overflowing Daya for his Bhakthas(Azhwaars) and enjoys
the togetherness with them  that He  does not want to be interrupted by 
any distractions, even if they are meant well . He will gladly postpone 
such upachaarAs to another time .

IN decad 2.8 ( ANAIVATARAVANAI --) , Swami Desikan that his 
compassion leads to the boon of Mukthi for the Bhakthan. Hence
ultimate joy of climbing the Naagasanam and embracing the Lord
in Parama Padham out of His Daya for them . That is why our Acharyas
from Swami Desikan to the current ones state 'MUKTHI SOWKHYAM 
MUKUNDEH ". The 518th sahasra Naamam salutes VishNu as :
OM MUKUNDAAYA NAMA: " . Here the name Mukundha has been
intrepreted by Parasara Bhatta as " Mukthim Dadhaathithi " Mukundha : .
This Mukundha lakshanam , which i closely associated with His 
dayaa guNam and Anukampaa for our suffering state is then the 
central theme of the second decad of SatakOpa's Thiruvaimozhi .

Thirukkuruhur Azhwaar Thiruvadigaleh SaraNam

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan