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From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Nov 11 1996 - 11:06:34 PST

Dear bhagawatas,

I would like to bring to your notice an issue which cropped up recently.  I
had asked a copy of Gudartha Dipika - a work which is from the parakala mutt
(older pontiff).  The current parakala mutt jeer is known to me. He, it
seems gave a free copy of that book to my grandfather and asked him to send
it to me.  It seems then, the jeer spoke to my grand father regarding the
status of parakala mutt :

Parakala mutt, incidentally was started by one of the main disciples of
Vedanta Desika. and it is the sacred mutt which has inherited the "Lakshmi
Hayagriva" vigraha, (which, I had the bhagya to once prostrate).  Such a
mutt with glorious heritage is in shambles now.  Daily aradhana itself is
becoming difficult.  The auspiscous days such as tirunakshatrams, festivals
of Lord are all become a "no-show" events with no splendour or "vidvat
goshtis" etc.

My grandfather, it seems donated a meagre amount and came back.

This being the case, eventhough I am not a parakala mutt shisya, I feel
indebted to contribute to the cause.  I request all of you bhagawatas to
kindly send whatever you feel to this cause.  To make the cheques tax
deductible, we can write them to an organization registered in USA.  Then
such cheques can be sent to India ASAP.  

By, the way are there any Parakala mutt shisyas out there on the net?.  I
would request all of you to organize so that our acharyas back there get
some kind of organized support so that daily aradhanams of our dear lord
"Lakshmi Hayagriva" - the giver of knowledge, is being taken care of.

It is easy for some of us to comment - " nowadays there are very less number
of scholars in our mutts".  Lack of financial support, is one of the reasons
that is drawing people out of scriptural study and religious life. We have
to organize well and support the religous "true brahmins" ie. our acharyas
and their paricharakas; Just like how Jewish people are doing.  Only such
allegiance will protect our culture.  I request all of you to think in these
terms.  Please let us put our minds together and create a safe tommorrow for
our next generation. It is for the future of our kids we need to do things
right (if not for us!)

Dasan Krishna Kalale

my address is for any coordination purpose:

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