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Re: Jnana and bhakti
Date: Thu Nov 07 1996 - 05:37:26 PST

Mani wrote:

>At the very minimum, a basic knowledge of the
>nature of the self is requisite for the prapanna.

   What happens to a person who goes through
   the motions of bara nyasam when he is young
   and under the control of parents, but after
   that caught up in day-to-day life and never
   thinks of the Lord, nature of self or such

Almost anyone born as a human being whether as Hitler or Mother
Theresa would have thought about these things at some time in their
lives.  The only difference is whether the conclusion that one comes
to is correct or not.  In a case of a scenario as stated by Sri
Dileepan above, Sriman Narayana will see to it that at some time in
that person's life the 5 angas will come to gether and the process of
Prapatti will be complete.  It will be the same situation as with
bhara nyasam for the temple cow or elephant.  The only thing that the
person who has had this bhara nyasam has to watch out for is
"Bhagavata apacharam" and "anya devata aradhana".  If he avoids these
two in the course of his life, or having committed them, regrets
having done that even in the last moment of his life, he will still
go to Vaikuntham.  When Bharanyasam is administered by an Acharya of
the highest calibre, Sriman Narayana has no choice but to accept the
dictates of the Acharya.  In fact at that point it is only Sriman
Narayana who talks through the Acharya.

 Would he attain mOksham at the end
   of his present life, per our theology?  If so,
   is a basic knowledge of self a requisite?
   Please note that my question is not about
   what is desirable.

Thanks, Dileepan

-- Dileepan