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From: krish (
Date: Wed Nov 06 1996 - 07:14:12 PST

Other examples of Saranagahati  are:
1. A Vaishnavite brahmin gives up his acharams and joins
the hunters and lives an apostate with them. He shacks up
with a local and has may kids. By accident he names his last
child Narayana, the only holy name he recalls from his past.
The child becomes his favorite and as he dies he calls
out for him and thus reaches heaven. I think the Hre Krishans
have taken up this tale for their proselytizing.
2.This is Sri Ramakrishna's paable. A rishi is agonizing
over the sinful life of a prostitute who lives opposit to
the his hut, both close to Narayan's temple. He walks over
and preaches her the greatness of Narayana asking her to
mend her ways and resort to bhakti. She does for a few days
but switches back for the economic comforts she can get.
She dies after a while and Dharmadootas appear to shoo
away the Yamadootas and rescue her soul to heaven. Time
passes and the rishi dies. His yogic powers eanble him
watch and wait for the chariot from heaven Lo and behold,
Yamakinkaras only arrive. Angry he protests that he 
deserves better fate than the dasi. They answer " your
mind worried about how the dasi sinned, but her mind 
was occupied with Narayana, ever since you talked to her!"

Krishna Praba
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