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Sri Sadagopan's postings

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Nov 06 1996 - 04:45:07 PST

Dear Sri MaNi : Many thanks for your note .
I have now received lots of encouragement to 
continue to write . I am happy  to do so. 
It gives me a sense of relief and pleasure to learn that 
these postings are useful to number of Bhakthas
of  this unique group held together by reverence 
to our Acharya Sukthis and Conributions of our 
preeminent NadhopaasakAs . 

During the rest of the Year , I will come back 
to Swami Desikan's Brilliant Sri Raghu Veera Gadhyam 
for us all to appreciate  his Rama Bhakthi.
I will incorporate wherever appropriate the eulogies of 
other Rama Bhakthas such as Saint Thyagaraja Swamigal et al.

Prior to that , I will try tocomplete the rest of the work
on Purandara Dasa's Krithis on Sri Venkatesa of Thirumalai 
and in parallel try to understand the Daya and Anukampaa 
aspects in NammaazhwAr"s Thiruvaimozhi as revealed form 
Swami Desikan's Taatparya RatnavaLi and MaNavALa Maamuni"s 
works .

May Sri Bhoomi Devi Samehta Sri Oppiliappan give me the 
strength and insight to understand these gigantic works 
closely connected to our Sampradhayam .

Thanks again to every one of you, who have encouraged me
to write and keep a dialog with each other and build  a sense
of Community .

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RE:	Sri Sadagopan's postings

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Subject: Sri Sadagopan's postings
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 19:11:29 -0800

I also want to add a belated note about how much
I appreciate the time and dedicated effort Sri Sadagopan
invests in helping us understand and appreciate the
works of our saints.  I save up the articles and 
read them at leisure later, and it is really a pleasure
to read the explanations and insights of Sri VS.

Recently I was reading his posts on Sri Desikan's
raghu-vira-gadyam.  It appears Sri VS ended with the
bala-kaandam. Whenever he finds the time, I hope he
continues to inform and enlighten us with the rest
of this great work.

Thanks very much,