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From: M Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Nov 05 1996 - 00:21:41 PST

Recently Sri. Mohan wrote:
>However, from what I have seen from my brief visits to 
>temples in Pittsburgh, Chicago, LA, etc. (Denver does not yet have a 
>temple), the Priests, while readily serving the Hindu Community at 
>large, do not seem to be taking an active role in the preservation of 
>SriVaishnavism.  I was wondering whether others in the group could 
>shed some light as to why this is so, or correct me if I am wrong. 

We in Chicago are very fortunate to have Sriman. U. V. Srinath, a priest in
the Rama Temple who is very learned in Ubhaya Vedanta. For the last fifteen
months he has been giving discourses on Tiruppavai (once a week) which was
attended by a small band of interested devotees. His discourses are entirely
based on Sri Vaishnava vyaakhyaanas and it has been a great spiritual
experience to the listeners. He is going to begin discourses on
Tiruppalliyezhucchi shortly (actually this evening).

Dasan Srinivasan