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Re: Jnana and bhakti

From: Sudarsan_Parthasarithy_Sampath (
Date: Tue Nov 05 1996 - 11:00:36 PST

Dear Mr.Gansten,
                 I will like to just answer one question from your recent mail.  Regarding Bengali version of Vaishnavism and ours.  From my reading a book on Sri.Prabhupadha, ISKCON, I realized that they follow identically the standards set by "Srimad Bhagavatham" and the example set by Sri.Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  Sankirthana, Upanyaasa and profound bhakthi and "Sarvam Krishnaapanam" are the major tools for Prapatthi in Bengali Vaishnavism and in the south also it is followed implicitly without any ambiguity. 

A book on SriVaishnavism(Title: Vaishnavam) written in Tamizh by Sri.Senthil Thuravi is quite comprehensive in offering insight into Sanathana Dharma as a whole, sub-sects and greater details on Sri Vaishnavism along with beautiful slokas in Sanskrit and Tamizh. Hope you can find this book and have someone to read it out for you.

With Regards,