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Noble thoughts
Date: Sun Nov 03 1996 - 20:20:31 PST

I am delighted to see that  Sri Sadagopan has agreed graciously to continue
to contribute to the group. Nothing makes me more happy.  

The many requests that outpoured from many bhagavathas in this context were
quite instructive as well. Such is the beauty of this group. 

In one of those messages, Sri Krishna Prasad said: 
<<<<One should be happy if reminded of good thoughts by anyone in this world,
like how the RigVeda states "AA NO Bhadraaha Krathavo yantu vishwataha" (let
good thoughts come to us  from all directions). >>>

This reminded me of a story I heard last year around this time at our temple.
Here it goes:
It was the time of judgement (hell or heaven) for two individuals who sort of
knew each other during their earthly life. One of them was a priest at a
temple. The other one was a taxi driver-with no religious inclinations. The
cab driver had ferried many people to the temple, but never once he entered
the temple for darshan. The outcome at the gate of swarga was quite clear to
both of them. 

However, to their total surprise, God at the outset gave the necessary papers
to enter the swarga for the cab driver. With our temple priest though, the
God was still doing the paper work and this hesitation made it look like,
 the preist  may not make it to Swarga. Our priest was getting rather

Our Priest, who ordinarily would not question God, gathered courage and
asked; God, how come him-the God avoider,  and not me-the servant of God?

God said, you don't know one thing about that cab driver. He made more people
think of Me than you ever made.   Yes, you were a priest at the temple and
you served me on behalf of the many devotees who came to temple. But this cab
driver made even those who would not take my name or go to temple to take My
Name!  Anyone who rode in his taxi prayed to Me for their safe trip (because
of his unsafe driving habbits and the poor stae of his taxi)!
You, on the conrary, scared away many (would have been devotees) with your
knowledge of the shastras by making them think that God was too much for them
to seek. Only those who stayed on course were those who would have, even if
you were not there in the first place!  


K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)