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SriVaishnava Priests

From: Mohan Sagar _at_DHQ (303)757-9808 Ext:2808 (_at_DHQ)
Date: Thu Oct 31 1996 - 12:17:09 PST

>From Mr. Tatachar's posting, it is nice to know that at least one
temple and its dedicated SriVaishnava community is making an attempt
to involve their Priest in the preservation of our tradition.  I hope
that other SriVaishnava communities will make an example of this. 
For, I think that much of the isolation that Mr. Vijayaraghavan refers
to may have been caused by our own communities.  Because, up until
recently, we SriVaishnavas in the US, perhaps for the same reasons as
suggested by Mr. Vijayaraghavan, seemed to have remained fairly quiet
about our rich heritage.  It is definitely time for a change.

I would suggest that  support for our priests can be shown on an
individualistic level, too.  Simply wearing a SriChurnam to the temple
and requesting the priest to recite Sarrumarai after an archana,
instead of the regular Mangala Harathi, could be a big step in making
our priests feel more connected to the community of their heritage. 

Mr. Vijayaraghavan writes:

But reflecting more deeply, what is a true vaishnavite cause. 
External symbols are one thing but if we go deeper - it is extending
hospitality of love to one and all.  Ramanujacharya (Dayaika Sindhu)
championed this love toone and all without any barrier.  Vedanta
Desika and Manavala Mamunigal
further reinforced this  by their universal approach of extending the
marga to every one.  This is the key.  We as individuals who care
should use
our own small sphere of influence in bringing the message of our
Acharyas to
the public.  Symbolism (which is also an essential aspect of religion)
will automatically follow.

This is a very poignant and truthful statement.  I personally feel
that the sublimity and sweetness of our philosophy, combined with its
magnanimous approach is what many in this chaotic modern world may be
looking for.  We are all very Blessed for having some interest and
connection to our Sampradaya, and we should be readily willing to
express this and share it with others.

Daasanu Daasan,