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Date: Fri Nov 01 1996 - 05:38:22 PST

He is the Lord of Makara and Kumba raasis
according to the Jyothisha Saastram doctrines.
When one has sani Dasai , it is a difficult period and
--maximum 7 and half years--
and one waits for a considerable period of time to
get out of it.

I think Sani Dasai is actually a period of 19 years.  The period Sri
Sadagopan is referring to is called YEzhu Nattu Shani or something
like that.

Whether any Dasai is good or bad depends on the position of Shani in
the horoscope, and also upon what is termed as good or bad.  When my
wife was in India and broke her leg, everyone thought that she was
going through a very bad time.  She thought that this was the best
excuse to sit and read books about Sriman Narayana.