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Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 12:32:30 PST

Dear members,
	One of my relatives untill now was an athiest(I should 
say almost an ahtiest). For the last one year or so, he has 
come in contact with the Chinmaya Mission and is more inclined 
to follow the philosophy of Shankara. He has read a lot of books 
on Vedanta and books by Vivekananda. When I impressed upon him 
the Vishishtadvaitha philosophy, (I am a total novice at this),
he wanted to read about it. With reference to this can any of 
the members suggest a book which will give an overview of 
Vishishtadvaitha. Also is there any book which will give a 
comparison between the Vishishtadvaitha and Dvaitha schools. 
This information will be highly appreciated.

Murli Balu