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Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 14:54:52 PST

Since this question has been put to me, "A Dialogue on Hinduism" is
available by writing to Visishtadvaita Research Centre, 66 Dr
Rangachari Road Madras 600 018.  Other books are published by
Visishtadvaita Pracharini Sabha 27 Venkatesa Agraharam Mylapore
Madras 600 004.

Visishtadvaita Pracharini Sabha has published a number of books some
of which are available for a basic membership fee which was Rs 500 in
1991.  Mailing costs for those books came to Rs 1,200 in 1992.  They
have a number of priced publications as well including translation
and commentary on Vishnu Sahasranamam.(English)

Other books include Srivaishnava Dinacharya (Daily duties of a
Srivaishnava from morning to night with Mantras in Sanskrit and
procedures explained in Tamil).

Life and works of Vedanta Deshikar.

Thiruvamozhi of NammAzhwAr.

Books on Nrsimha Stotras and SRI stotras etc.

Thiruppavai with English translation and commentary.

Saranagathi Gadyam with English translation and commentary.