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From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Nov 27 1995 - 08:54:42 PST


Mani wrote that sankaracharya vehemently condemns vrittikaara's views.
Dr. N.S. Anantha rangachar feels that this vrittikaara is not the same
as the the vrittikaara (bodhayana - which ramanuja follows). apparently
it is clear the Shankaracharya never mentions anything about bodhayana
vritti on bramhasutras. It cannot be said that shankaracharya never
considered the theistic advaita as a possible explanation. however he
never refers to anything from bodhayana vritti. 

and yes it is clear that Sri Ramanujacharya follows bodhayana vritti which
was supposed to be very voluminous work which was even extent at 
vedantadesika's time according to some, since he refers to it in 
adhikarana saravali.